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Sensor prototype kit.

Cal Sensors (Santa Rosa, CA) has announced the global launch of a new Sensor Prototype Kit, a plug-and-play tool designed to dramatically accelerate prototyping, validation, and product development for new gas measurement instruments. Supporting PbS and PbSe detector technologies, the Sensor Prototype Kit speeds time-to-market by allowing engineers to focus on the challenges of the system's design by quickly validating detector viability. Features include:

* A PbS or PbSe single-channel detector (SCO) or multi-channel detector (MCD).

* 2 digital drive boards with integrated electronics.

* Detection of up to 4 distinct materials/gases and channel isolation @ > 99.5%.

* A TO-5 or TO-8 footprint.

* Software that allows engineers to quickly confirm signal presence and relative strength.


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Title Annotation:Test & Measurement
Publication:Product Design & Development
Date:Mar 1, 2012
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