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SensoActive gel formula No. NAD064-11-05A.

HallStar Italia Srl


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Phase A

Water (deionized) 100

Glycerin (Sigma Aldrich) 2.00

Rhodicare D (Rhodia Novecare) (Xan than gum) 0.10

Natriquest E30 (Innospec) (Thsodium ethylenediamine 0.30

Phase B

Olivem 1000 (HaliStar Italia) (Cetearyl olivate, 3.00
sorbitan olivate)

Sensolene (HallStar Italia) (Ethylhexyl olivate) 5.00

Sensolene Care DD (HaliStar Italia) (Lauryl olivate) 1.00

BioChemica cupuacu butter Ultra Refined (HaliStar) 0.50
(Theobroma grandiflorum seed butter)

Triticum Vulgare (Wheat) germ oil (ACEF) 0.50

Cetiol CC (BASF) (Dicaprylyl carbonate) 3.00

Anoxid BHT (Dott. Formenti) (BHT) 1.10

Cosmedia SP (BASF) (Sodium polyacrylate) 0.30

Phase C

Eurol WHT (HaliStar Italia) (Glycerin, water, olea 0.25
europaea extract, arctostaphylos uva ursi extract)

Menthol (ACEF) (Menthol) 0.30

Ethanol (Sigma Aldrich) (Alcohol) 3.00

Preservative q.s.

Fragrance q.s.

PROCEDURE: Prepare phase A, using a suitable dispersion unit (e.g. Silverson, Ultra Turrax, etc.), to disperse the xanthan gum. Heat to 70-75[degrees]C. In a separate vessel, add phase B ingredients separately and heat to 70-75[degrees]C. Add phase B to phase A, using a suitable dispersion unit to homogenize. Cool to 40[degrees]C, using a water bath while homogenizing. Add phase C ingredients and homogenize for a few more minutes. Cool to room temperature while stirring. PROPERTIES: Appearance--White fresh gel-cream, good spreadability, fast absorption, velvety after-feel. Fresh odor. Viscosity--7000-8000 cP (10 rpm, Brk RVDV-E, Sp. T-B, after 24 h at room temperature); pH--6.0-7.0.
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Date:Oct 1, 2012
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