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Sensient's new line of natural cherry flavours.

Sensient Flavors has developed a new line of natural cherry flavours. With Black Cherry, Sweet Attika, Wild Amarena, Sour Morello and Spicy Cherry, the company's flavourists have created five outstanding cherry flavours. The new flavouring range enables manufacturers to meet consumer demand for more sophistication in their beverages.

Designed for use in soft drinks, spirits and other beverages, Sensient's novel product line covers sweet and sour cherry varieties, with each one capturing the authentic characteristic profile. The true-to-type natural Morello cherry flavouring delivers the distinctive, acidic flavour profile the sour cherry variety is known for. The Sweet Attika for example, offers a delicious hint of almond, while the Black Cherry has a sweet and very light floral flavour profile.

"The health and wellness mega trend continues to influence consumers, and this is fuelling demand for fruit flavours in all of their facets", explained Hans-Juergen Sachs, General Manager, Sensient Flavours, Beverage, Europe. "Increasing numbers of consumers are looking to explore and indulge in new taste experiences, and they are drawn to sophisticated fruit varietals and the flavour nuances they offer. With our new range of natural cherry flavours, we have taken the familiar and refined it by adding varietals that will help our clients capture the attention of consumers."

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Comment:Sensient's new line of natural cherry flavours.
Publication:Food Trade Review
Date:Jul 1, 2014
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