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Sensible Joe; You Say

IHAVEnever readamore downright sensible and timely article by any journalist in the last 30 years, as Joe Riley''s piece on the lost society and its causes (ECHO Aug 12). His brilliant article - which hits the nail firmly on the head - should be required reading for every MP, councillor, parent, policeman and social worker.

To restore respect and decent behaviour, perhaps we could start with a policy of zero tolerance - for instance towards riding bikes on the pavement, and educate parents into not providing everything, and giving in, to their demanding spoilt offspring.

And if, when they grow up, these social misfits become arsonists and looters, they should literally be read the Riot Act and imprisoned for 10 years, with no remission.

And by the way, it might help to deter them if - despite the misguided notion of feminism and equality - the police stop sending out petite, four-foot females in riot gear absurdly expecting them to quell hordes of rampaging macho criminals!

George Skelly, Wallasey
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Liverpool Echo (Liverpool, England)
Date:Aug 17, 2011
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