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Senseless education system.


A trend has begin that the private sectors demanded for the fees after reopening the institutions. As there were lockdown due to Covid-19 it took about 7 months to take off everything. So, isn't it a foolish question that parents should submit the fees of the off-days, as there wasn't anything to learn? Then why demanding the fees? Don't you know that Balochistan, being the poor province, that there people can't even afford three times fOod well, but the greedy principals demand what their need is, they are blind to see the parents who were not able to pay the fees before as being in their workshops then how they can submit even through there wasn't any job or work during Covid-19. It's not only my request, it's the humble request of all the parents who seriously want PSA JAR KECH to take an action to the greedy institutions that they shOuld stop the new trend of taking fees.

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Publication:Pakistan Today (Lahore, Pakistan)
Date:Aug 27, 2020
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