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SensArray intros Thermal TRACK 5 Bluetooth metrology system for IC equipment.

SensArray Corporation, a provider of process optimization tools for semiconductor fabrication, has announced the availability of the Thermal TRACK 5 metrology system with Bluetooth-enabled ISIS (Intelligent Sensor Interface System) 5 data acquisition hardware.

Designed for real time, in situ wafer temperature measurements, this compact, wireless system generates more precise measurements with greater ease than other data acquisition units on the market. With Thermal TRACK 5, customers can better optimize their equipment and processes to meet strict critical dimension budgets, leading to the more economic manufacture of high performance products.

Thermal TRACK 5 combines powerful software with advanced, compact ISIS 5 data acquisition hardware to take highly accurate measurements and efficiently display, log, manage, and download thermal data for visual representation on a personal digital assistant (PDA). Using this data, customers can characterize, optimize, and maintain the thermal performance of their processing equipment.

"We've listened to our customers and developed Thermal TRACK 5 to meet their need for a portable and convenient thermal process optimization tool to work in the tight confines of their fabs," said James Pascale, SensArray customer commitment advisor for ISIS 5 systems. "This product is the first step in our mission to engineer wireless metrology systems that make process monitoring and maintenance easier for our customers."

Customers can use Thermal TRACK 5 to conveniently characterize wafer temperature profiles; calibrate and check temperature setpoints; troubleshoot temperature-related critical dimension problems; and run pre-defined preventive maintenance checks tailored to specific equipment and processes. The point-and-tap interface allows users to easily toggle between different data views with three full color forms, as well as closely monitor the minimum and maximum temperatures across the wafer through the statistics display.

The compact ISIS 5 module, which is sixty percent smaller than previous SensArray data acquisition modules, acquires temperature data from SensArray Process Probe instrumented wafers, with up to 17 sensors. It then communicates the data wirelessly through Bluetooth MicroNet technology to the Thermal TRACK 5 software, operating on a SensArray-qualified PDA. The full color, Pocket PC-based software accurately records the wafer temperature and uniformity measurements and displays them in a number of useful formats.

The ISIS 5 module is available in either a 9/17-channel multiplexed, or a 17-channel non-multiplexed model for more accurate measurements in processes with high-speed temperature changes. Both models are offered with either thermocouple (TC) or resistance temperature detector (RTD) sensors, and feature a low profile, high-density, smart (HDS) connector that allows more maneuverability around process equipment and provides less weight and pull on instrumented wafers. Additionally, the RTD ISIS modules can accommodate the Sensor Probe 1400 Series system state probes, allowing precise temperature, humidity, and airflow measurements to be taken simultaneously. The ISIS 5 module uses a highly efficient lithium ion battery that allows for 12-14 hours of operation without recharging the replaceable battery.

Thermal TRACK 5 with advanced ISIS 5 hardware is currently available in the United States, Europe and Asia.
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Comment:SensArray intros Thermal TRACK 5 Bluetooth metrology system for IC equipment.
Publication:EDP Weekly's IT Monitor
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Date:Nov 17, 2003
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