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Seniors in action. (reader forum).

Thanks to The Advocate for recognizing the passing of two such important pioneers in our unique history: Sylvia Rivera and Paul Hudson [At Issue, April 2].

I certainly agree with Eric Marcus that more should be done to recognize the contributions of the these trailblazers, and I'd like to bring your attention to an organization that has been striving to recognize the contributions of LGBT seniors for 25 years: Senior Action in a Gay Environment.

In addition to its many outreach programs, every year SAGE honors several LGBT seniors who not only have participated in the creation of our remarkable history but continue to actively participate in the world they helped create. Recent honorees include activist Harry Hay, artist Paul Cadmus, activist-writer Joan Nestle, drag king and Stonewall veteran Storme DeLarverie, composer Ned Rorem, and religions leader Virginia Mollenkott.

It is important that as we move forward in our struggle for equality and recognition we be reminded that our ability to speak and live more freely and openly is built upon the courage of people like these.

Tom Klebba, New York, N.Y.

One could read this short piece on Rivera and think she did little for the community between Stonewall and her death. When she became ill she was, among other things, director of the Food Pantry at Metropolitan Community Church of New York. She also founded and participated in Street Transgender Action Revolutionaries. Her [full] story would enrich readers' awareness of the debt owed this passionate patriot.

Bob Wolff, Randolph, Vt.
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Publication:The Advocate (The national gay & lesbian newsmagazine)
Date:Apr 30, 2002
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