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Seneres running if presidentiables fail to pledge to stop contractual labor.

If nobody among the touted presidential bets will have the guts to warn campaign financiers that contractual labor will have to end when he or she wins, a partylist lawmaker declared he would make a run for the presidency and do it himself.

Clearly frustrated over the non-implementation of the ban against contractual labor, OFW Family Club Partylist Rep. Roy Seneres dared presidentiables to pledge fairness to workers by dismantling the practice of employing workers for a brief maximum period of five months.

Seneres, a former labor attachAaAaAeA@ and ambassador, said he will suppo a presidential candidate who can tell big business that they should "stop laying off workers every five months because it is against the law."

Among the tycoons he mentioned were telecommunications, media, beverage distribution, fastfood and shopping mall owners who are the usual huge campaign fund donors of politicians running for top national posts.

"Because all our leaders are beholden to the tycoons who give them millions of campaign funds and who lend them helicopters and airplanes. Who among the Presidentiables for 2016 will not be beholden to the tycoons once he or she becomes President?" he said in a FAcebook post.

Seneres started as a labor regulations officer and was appointed chairman of the National Labor Relations Commission during the term of former President Fidel V. Ramos.

He vowed to run for president if not one among the possible presidential candidates will have the courage to take a stand against contractual labor.


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Title Annotation:Latest News
Publication:Manila Bulletin
Date:Jul 8, 2015
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