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Send in clones; MULTIPLICITY (15).

After the fantastic success of Groundhog Day it was inevitable that Hollywood bosses would want more of the same.

And director Harold Ramis has done just that - well almost - with Multiplicity (15).

First time round, in the Bill Murray comedy, it was the day that kept repeating itself. Here it's Michael Keaton who has a touch of the repeats.

He stars as a builder with a problem - he doesn't have enough time to cope with an ever more demanding job and caring for his wife, Andie MacDowell.

But help is at hand. In the shape of your friendly, neighbourhood scientific boffin, Harris Yulin, who just happens to be a genius in the field of cloning.

Yulin offers to end Keaton's nightmare by creating a copy of him.

That way Keaton's double does all the hard graft, while the original can sit back at home and lead the life of Riley.

But before you can blink, more copies have joined this little group - and they are all different.

There's a macho man, a sensitive one with a feminine side and a complete dolt.

By this time Keaton Numero Uno has realised he has a problem - like making sure no-one spots that he has suddenly become a quartet.

And he has to ensure that his clones don't get too close with his wife, who is naturally oblivious to everything that the mad scientist has been cooking up.

Multiplicity is as daft as Groundhog Day, but unfortunately for Keaton and director Ramis, it is just not as funny.

The movie is the perfect platform for Keaton to let rip.

And he really makes the most of the opportunity, with the comedy at its best when Keaton is portraying all four similar but different characters.

The problem is that even with Keaton's bravura performances, the film is still a bit flimsy.

And there's virtually nothing for the highly talented Andie MacDowell to do.

Fans of Michael Keaton will enjoy seeing him do his stuff.

But Multiplicity is still a bit of a missed opportunity.
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Title Annotation:Features
Author:Millar, John
Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Sep 26, 1996
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