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The Canusa SuperCase (CSO, from Canusa, is a heat-shrinkable casing for pre-insulated pipes such as district heating pipes. The CSC combines a crosslinked high density polyethylene outer layer and a non-crosslinked polyethylene inner layer with a high shear and peel adhesive to provide a high quality reliable system for protection and sealing of joints. By focusing the full strength of the crosslinked shrinkable casing directly onto a high shear and peel adhesive, CSC provides the strongest seal possible for pipeline joints. The one-piece tubular configuration includes the functionality of shrink sleeves in its ends. As a result, the extra step of applying shrink sleeves on the end of a casing during field work is eliminated. Circle #225

RF Neulink

The RF Neulink DAC9600 radio remote terminal unit (RTU) offers a selectable "mimic" mode which slaves one unit's I/O ports to the other unit's corresponding I/O ports. In this application, a remote DAC9600 multiple I/O is used to sense and control external electromechanical devices. Another DAC9600 can be at a central monitoring location with it's I/O's interfaced to indicators which display status and switches which initiate the activation or deactivation of the remote devices. Two RF Neulink DAC9600 RTUs can the perform remote control and monitoring without a computer or external radio service. Circle #226

Solar Turbines

Solar Turbines has shipped its first 13 428-kW (18,000 hp) Titan 130 industrial gas turbine mechanical-driven to PG&E Gas Transmission-Northwest's compressor station 8 near Wallula, WA. The Titan 130 turbine package is being installed in a new turnkey facility provided by Solar Turbines. PG&E Gas Transmission-Northwest selected the Titan 130 gas turbine because the two-shaft, variable-speed machine offers an excellent match for the station's increased compression requirements and a high simple-cycle thermal efficiency of 34.5% at ISO conditions. The unit will drive a Dresser-Rand 60 PDI centrifugal compressor. PG&E GT-NW has ordered a second Titan 130 gas turbine package to be installed near Klamath Falls, OR. Circle #227

Whessoe Varec

Wheesoe Varec offers a series of relief valves providing unprecedented flexibility for the protection of above-ground storage tanks from physical damage caused by internal pressure or vacuum encountered in normal operations. By completely redesigning its well-known pressure and vacuum relief valves using modular components, these new valves offer significant advantages for chemical and petrochemical vapor control applications. Established options include vent-to-atmosphere and pipe away connections, as well as oversized pressure and vacuum ports for greater flow capacity. "All-weather" coating to protect valves in extreme climates is also available, as well as replaceable and interchangeable pressure and vacuum seat rings. Circle #228

Ingersoll-Dresser Pump Company

The new HOC3 chemical process pump from Ingersoll-Dresser Pump Company features an enhanced, more rigid shaft that is larger in diameter than competitive process pump shafts, resulting in minimal shaft deflection and extended seal and bearing life. The pump's bearings, larger than other leading brand pumps, provide a higher load handling capability and place lighter stress loads on the pump's seals. Additionally, the pump's redesigned oil sumps, which on some pump sizes are over twice as large as those found in traditional process pumps, keep bearings cooler and cleaner. Circle #229

IFR Americas

IFR Americas recently unveiled its 2398 portable spectrum analyzer which combines high performance and portability. With a frequency range of 9 kHz to 27.7 Ghz, the digitally synthesized 2398 is equally proficient in performing wireless infrastructure, television broadcast or cable television field-testing or high quality measurements in the production or laboratory environments. Weighing 18 lbs, the 2398 offers a split screen mode which allows simultaneous viewing of two display functions. Full marker capabilities simplify signal troubleshooting. The standard RS-232 and optional GPIB allow remote control of the instrument and the parallel printer port supports a diverse range of popular printers. Circle #230

Komatsu America International Company

Komatsu introduces its full line of small Avance excavators in a 10-page color brochure. The new PC95, PC120-6, PC128UU "Ultra Urban" and PC150-6 offer more productivity than ordinary small excavators, but are more portable than large or mid-size machines. Through descriptions of their features, the brochure explains how the new excavators are ideal for applications that require versatile equipment in tight spaces. It also details the excavators' comfort and ease-of-operation for increased productivity. Circle #231

Wilco Marsh Buggies & Draglines

Wilco's 220/325 Class amphibious excavator offers the additional yardage capability that is often needed to help complete a job on time. Two pivoting foot pedals with detachable levers are provided as traveling/steering controls. Each pedal/lever operates its corresponding track. Powered by two Caterpillar motors, it requires only one man to operate. The basic vehicle weight is 42,000 lbs, it has a cargo capacity of 33,000 lbs, and the gross weight is 75,000 lbs. The 220/325 travels up to 1.2 mph on level ground and up to 1.0 mph in water. Circle #232

Laptop Support System

The FIELD-PRO, offered by Laptop Support System, is designed for the professional working in a field environment. It offers the flexibility to work while standing or walking. The unit is constructed of a light-weight aluminum alloy with a durable powdercoat finish. It is a snap to secure your laptop and is easily removed in seconds. Circle #233


Citel has introduced a new T1 line surge suppressor to protect wireless loop equipment against lightning surges and electrical transients. Citel B280 and B480 use a heavy duty multi-stage design. Small and compact, they can be mounted inside a cabinet or on a backboard. They are available in one or two T1 circuits. Input/output connections are made with screw terminals or RJ45 jacks. Circle #234

TECH Products, Inc.

The EVERLAST Aerial Surveillance System from TECH Products combines markers with the longest service life on the market today and a practical frame for aerial patrolling. The durable A-Frame is constructed of extruded aluminum alloy, and can be shipped unassembled with vandal-proof hardware, saving shipping and storage costs. The simple assembly requires only a wrench and a screwdriver -- no drilling or welding is needed. If preferred, the A-Frame can be pre-assembled and shipped, ready for use. The system is maintenance-free. Circle #235

Gas Tech, Inc.

The FX-IR Transmitter from Gas Tech uses dual infrared technology for detection of hydrocarbon gases. This unique transmitter enables the user to pre-select hydrocarbon gases in either the 0-100% LEL (Lower Explosive Limit) or 0-5000 ppm (parts per million) ranges. This design provides additional sensitivity for the harshest environments. The FX-IR can be connected to a Gas Tech controller, a PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) or DCS (Distributive Control System). The Gas Tech FX-IR transmitter is backed by a two-year warranty. Circle #236

RACO Manufacturing & Engineering Company

RACO Manufacturing & Engineering is offering a free CD-ROM which covers their complete line of alarm autodialing, remote monitoring, reporting and control systems. The CD-ROM includes product and application information, free downloads of SCADA and DDE Server software, technical support documents, and a RACO corporate profile. Search and help functions are provided for user convenience. The CD-ROM can be used with Windows 98/95/NT and Macintosh. Circle #23 7


The CavCom 2000 and CavCom 3000 were developed to improve safety and increase productivity by providing a solution to communicating in high noise environments. Combining custom hearing protection with a speaker and a microphone in each ear (eliminating the boom microphone), the CavCom units eliminate the ambient noise that can create communication problems in high noise environments. Both units are also beneficial in applications where high noise is not a concern and a single ear piece is sufficient. These products are able to interface with most industrial/commercial hand held, two-way radios. Circle #238

BFC Construction Group

BFC Construction Group gives you the comprehensive expertise and resources to complete any project -- any size, anywhere. We are industry leaders who are committed. to a progressive, solutions-driven approach. Whether we serve you as a single division or as a group, you can trust your BFC team to deliver effective multi-disciplinary thinking. Divisions with BFC include: BFC Pipelines, BFC Civil, BFC Industrial, BFC Utilities, BFC Foundation Construction, BFC Buildings, BFC Traffic Technology, BFC Nuclear Managers and BFC Frontier. Circle #239

CEA Instruments, Inc.

The CEA 266 wall-mounted infrared carbon dioxide analyzer is a newly improved version of the CEA 244. The unit, offered by CEA Instruments, is easy to install, operate and calibrate. A digital readout is available, and the unit is completely self-contained with a built-in air pump, water trap and dust filters. It uses the latest infrared technology, providing the absolute best stability, accuracy, precision and reliability available for [CO.sub.2] monitoring without any interference from other gases. Circle #240

RF Connectors

RF Connectors announces the release of the RSA-3000-C2 connector as part of its expanding sub-miniature line of SMA, SMB, MB, MCX and miniature pin plugs and receptacles. SMA connectors are used in high frequency and microwave applications where small size and performance are required of components. This SMA straight crimp plug for LMR-200 cable features Teflon insulation, gold plated contact and nickel plated body. The RSA-3000-C2 is designed for simple assembly and crimp installation in use with the Times Microwave LMR-222 low loss cable. Other SMA crimp connectors are available for RG174/U, RG-142/U Times LMR-100 and Times LMR-195 and RG-8X cables. Circle #241

High Pressure Equipment Company

High Pressure Equipment Company offers manually operated piston screw pumps (high pressure generators) for all applications involving liquid compression. The generators are designed to compress a liquid within a small volume to develop pressure. Generators may be used in some gas applications (consult factory for further information). Standard laboratory models and extra capacity models are available. HIP high pressure generators are easy to install and operate. Applications for the HIP generator include gauge and instrument calibration, hydrotesting of component parts, burst testing and pressure management studies. Circle #242


Masoneilan's V-LOG is an efficient control valve design solution for severe service applications, providing excellent throttling control and fluid energy management within a very cost effective package. Custom engineered for each severe service application, the unique V-LOG trim provides staged pressure reductions through a series of discrete flow channels, combining 90-degree turns with intermediate expansions and contractions within the flow package. Energy levels are effectively managed and dissipated during the pressure reduction process, eliminating the valve problems that frequently result in severe service applications. Circle #243

ITT Standard

C100 heat exchangers from ITT Standard feature an external packed floating head to allow differential thermal expansion between the shell and tubes. A large entrance area is designed for easy maintenance of the removable tube bundle. Applications include tube side circulation of corrosive liquids, high-fouling liquids, gases or vapors. Available in 1-, 2, 4- or 6-pass models, these exchangers meet ASME code and TEMA. Circle #244

Hayward Industrial Products

Hayward Industrial Product's Model 50 duplex strainers continuously remove potentially damaging dirt and debris from pipelines without ever having to shut down the system flow to clean the stainer baskets. These strainers will find application in continuously running lubrication systems where the flow of oil cannot be stopped, cooling lines in places like power plants where the cooling water must always run, industrial heating and power systems where the fuel lines must never be stopped -- as well as chemical process systems that must run continuously. For easy installation, all Model 50 duplex basket strainers have mounting legs that bolt to the floor. Circle #245


The new TB12 Tru-pH 12mm sensor family is the latest innovation in pH sensor technology by TBI-Bailey. Model TB12 sensors come standard with a PG13.5 cable connector and DYNAREF reference system. The new DYNAREF double junction reference system is composed of an advanced serf-pressurizing polymer gel and porous PolarHyte junction. Multiple sensor lengths, optional integral temperature compensation, integral cable and the PG13.5 connector greatly simplifies installation. The TB12 combination electrode is easily installed into customer hardware, or it can be supplied with mounting hardware. Circle #246

Cantesco Corporation

Cantesco Corporation is offering free eight ounce samples of its environmentally safe, non-toxic, non-flammable Formula 300 Oxygen Compatible Leak Detection Compound. Cantesco Formula 300 is a water based surfactant solution which meets the requirement of Military Specification MIL-L-25567D Type 1. It enables firms to control leak problems on a cost effective basis as part of a planned inspection process. Each bottle comes with its 12-inch pull out extension tube which allows precise leak inspection and location. Circle #247
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