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Senate will block Crazy Horse sales.

The U. S. Senate last week passed legislation that would halt the sale of Crazy Horse Malt Liquor in the United States.

Under the Senate appropriations bill amendment passed last Thursday, Hornell Brewing Co., the brand's marketer, would be allowed to sell its existing inventory. The same measure would also block Hornell's application with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms to market Crazy Horse in cans.

Representatives from Hornell began talks with the Oglala Sioux about a possible name change after the House of Representatives passed a similar bill in July.

Native American leaders and U.S. health officials have criticized Crazy Horse as an outrage given that it is named for a venerated Sioux leader and that Native Americans suffer disproportionately from alcoholism.

G. Heileman brews the beer for Hornell under contract.
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Title Annotation:Crazy Horse Malt Liquor
Publication:Modern Brewery Age
Date:Sep 21, 1992
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