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Sen's trusted exec uncovers scale of fraud.

Saradha Group accounts official provides crucial leads to the CBI and ED


THE Central Bureau of Investigation ( CBI) and the Enforcement Directorate ( ED) sleuths, the two central probe agencies looking into the multi- crore Saradha Group chit fund scam in West Bengal, have reportedly got significant leads about scam kingpin Sudipta Sen's umpteen monetary transactions from one of his employees.

Amrin Ara, 26, was an accounts executive with the Saradha Group and used to work at the company's Midland Park office in Salt Lake. She was in charge maintaining the company's cashbook and was aware of all its monetary transaction details, investment ventures both in India and abroad, and money market collection data.

Amrin is now one of the prime witnesses the high- profile case. Both the CBI and ED have recorded her statement.

The investigating officers had carried out thorough search operations at

Park), taking Amrin with them about two- three times, seized various important documents that helped them in course of the investigation.

Sources said Sen had maintained a record of his monetary transactions in a red diary, and much- talked about red diary was reportedly kept with Amrin at her office.

fact, when Sen along with Saradha Group executive director Debjani Mukherjee was on run, Amrin kept the diary, drive and all vouchers relating to the fraud operations at her residence near Ekbalpur area.

A MRIN reportedly told the CBI and the ED that she had handed over the diary, pen drive cashbook to an officer of Electronics Complex police station under Bidhannagar Commissionerate, which first began the probe. She also named the officer, D. Hazra, who had come to her residence and took whatever Saradha papers she had at her residence.

Sources said Amrin stays at a ( address: 33/ 8/ 18 Dent Mission Sen's exec scale

address: 33/ 8/ 18 Dent Mission Road, Second floor, flat no.

Kolkata- 23). Her father's name is Md Ashfaq. Amrin's salary was ` 1.2 lakh per annum the Saradha Group when the had decamped with several hundred crores of money belonging to small investors last year.

She was a trusted executive of group chairman and managing director ( CMD) Sen. In fact, also mentioned her name in letter he had sent to CBI before his escape in 2013.

the bank deposit statements and transaction details payment details are kept Ms Amrin Ara and Ms Satabi in Midland Park. Both extremely honest and highly extended their support to company. They can give bank data to the special officers," Sen mentioned in the letter.

Sources said Amrin used to all the records of various cheque disbursements and payment receipts at night. As Sen and his team of lady officers used to operate at the Midland Park office quite late at night, Amrin was the key person who looked after daily payment formalities to a particular petrol pump ( Daga Petrol Pump, according to sources) and the office canteen run by Hemant Pradhan ( who was later made one of the company directors by Sen himself), besides keeping details of other cashbook reports.

According to sources, the multi- crore chit fund scamster had invested in tourism business abroad and bought some properties at various locations of Dubai, Jordan, Qatar and Mauritius too. Sen had invested hefty amounts of money in the hospitality business outside India.

The Saradha chief had reportedly bought one luxury resort at Jordan and three hillocks in Dubai where he was supposed to build a resort of his own. Besides investing in the tourism business, sources claimed he had also invested money in the oil business in Qatar and the diamond business in South Africa.

T HOUGH Sen has admitted to his involvement in businesses outside India, sources said that all the foreign properties were not directly purchased in the name of Saradha CMD or his aide Debjani. Some of the properties were reportedly purchased by other entities and some in joint names too.

Sources said it is expected that Amrin can provide more significant information to the central investigating agencies about Sen's various overseas investments.

scale of fraud Saradha Group chairman and MD Sudipta Sen ( centre).

Amrin used to keep all the records of cheque disbursements and payment receipts

In 2013, the Sudipta Sen- owned Saradha Group devised several deposit schemes under which people were asked to make investments on the promise of much higher returns -- in short, a typical Ponzi swindle. Thousands of gullible investors, enchanted with the possibility of their wealth multiplying without any effort, poured their life's savings into this black hole. CMD Sen was aware from the start that the schemes would prove unsustainable, knowing full well that he would need an evergrowing pool of investors to keep up the charade, but the swindle continued.

1 SUDIPTA SEN, SARADHA CMD Described as a soft- spoken, charming and a forceful orator, Sen is the architect of the multi- crore scam. He was nabbed from Kashmir in April 2013. The CBI has charged him with cheating, misappropriation of funds, criminal conspiracy and breach of trust.

2 DEBJANI MUKHERJEE, EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR Debjani, who initially trained as an airhostess, joined the Saradha Group in 2010 as a receptionist, and rose rapidly to be the executive director's post. She used to sign cheques on behalf of the company. Debjani was nabbed along with Sen and was in her early 30s at the time of arrest. She faces the same charges as Sen.

3 KUNAL GHOSH, TMC RAJYA SABHA MEMBER & SARADHA MEDIA WING CHIEF Under Ghosh, the Saradha group acquired and established local television channels and newspapers. Ghosh faces the same charges as Sudipta. Ever since his arrest, Ghosh has been claiming that Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee and other senior TMC members are involved in the scam.

4 SRINJOY BOSE, TMC RAJYA SABHA MEMBER He was directly involved with the group's media operations.

Bose was arrested by the CBI on November 21, 2014.

5 RAJAT MAZUMDAR, FORMER BENGAL DGP He was arrested by the CBI in connection with the scam on September 9, 2014.

The CBI believes the senior Trinamool Congress member and retired IPS officer could be the key to identifying politicians involved in the scam.

6 MADAN MITRA, WEST BENGAL TRANSPORT MINISTER Mitra is said to have headed the employees' union of the Saradha group that publicly encouraged people to invest their savings with the firm. Mitra was the latest TMC member to be arrested by the CBI in connection with the scam.

He has been remanded to judicial custody till January 2.

THE SCAM THE KEY PLAYERS BJP supporters during a recent protest march against the Trinamool Congress government in Kolkata.

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