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Seminar on elastomers held.

"Chemistry and physics of elastomers" is the title of a seminar sponsored by the Department of Polymer Science at the University of Akron, to be held June 11-15 at the Akron Polymer Training Center, Akron, OH.

Performance demands expected of engineered rubber products are said to have increased sharply over the last few decades and continue to increase. One of the reasons for this trend is the increase in warranty periods offered for automobiles, major appliances, etc., which extends to elastomeric components such as shaft seals, anti-vibration mounts, gaskets, etc.

It is said to no longer be possible to increase the lifetime of such engineering components by using elastomers with superior performance characteristics (or to even expect that the chemists will make them available in the near future), according to the sponsor.

Rubber components have to be designed and manufactured using sound engineering principles in order to provide the expected performance and lifetime. Correct material selection and compound design are equally important. The classical courses of study do not provide the background necessary for an interdisciplinary approach needed to obtain optimum performance, according to the study.

This intensive, one week seminar is being offered to a limited group of 40 scientists and engineers who are working in, or are planning to enter, the field of elastomers.

Because of its interdisciplinary nature, the course is of benefit to chemists and material scientists from material manufacturers, as well as compounders, and production and design engineers from product-oriented industries. Personnel from aerospace, automotive and consumer product industries, as well as government and academic institutions, will also find the course to be valuable, according to the organizers.

This course covers the chemistry, physics and engineering of elastomers. An introduction to the chemistry of elastomers includes a discussion of their structure, vulcanization and compounding, aging properties and methods of selection for specified applications.

The physics of elastomers covers the topics of rubber elasticity, viscoelasticity, fracture and accelerated testing techniques. Engineering aspects covered include the load-deformation re-sponse of rubber components, adhesion of elastomers to metal, processing and cost consideration.

Application examples are presented. The lectures are supplemented by laboratory experiments. Participants have an opportunity to present topics of their own interest during discussions.

This course will be taught both by faculty members of the University of Akron's Department of Polymer Science and experts from industry. It will provide participants with a broad, comprehensive overview of the different scientific and technological topics for the interdisciplinary approach which is needed to deal with the very complex material, processing and design problems in elastomers.

On Monday, June 11, Eberhard A. Meinecke, University of Akron, will present "Elastomers, an overview." Roderic Quirk, University of Akron, will present "Structure, properties and vulcanization." Methods for the preparation of elastomers, their structure, properties and applications, and vulcanization methods will be examined.

Also on Monday, Robert H. Seiple, EPIC Applied Polymer Research, will present "Laboratory demonstration: Compounding and processing of elastomers." Preparation of rubber compounds, determination of their cure curves and pressing sample sheets will be discussed.

On Tuesday, June 12, Roderic Quirk will present "Structure, properties and vulcanization (continued)." Gary Hamed, University of Akron, will present "Rubber elasticity." The kinetic theory of rubber elasticity, effect of crosslink density, and elastomer type and fillers on elastic properties will be examined.

Eberhard Meinecke will give a talk on "Viscoelasticity." Creep, stress relaxation, stress-strain and dynamic properties, relation between these properties, use of rheological models to understand them and their effects on performance will be examined.

Also on Tuesday, Eberhard Meinecke will present "Mechanical properties, design of rubber components." Deformation modes of rubber components, compression, shear, tension and bonded blocks will be discussed.

On Wednesday, June 13, Eberhard Meinecke will present "Rubber processing and quality control." Processing methods used in forming elastomer products, effect of viscoelasticity of the polymer melt and related quality control considerations will be examined.

"Laboratory demonstration: Mechanical properties" will be presented by Robert Seiple. Determination of physical and mechanical properties will be discussed.

On Thursday, June 14, Krishna C. Baranwal, Akron Rubber Development Laboratory, will present "Oxidation and protection." The mechanism of attack by oxygen and ozone and their effects will be discussed. Antioxidants and antiozonants, their effectiveness and selection will be presented.

Gary Hamed will present "Principles of adhesion." Peel strength, autohesion, green strength, bonding to metal and fibers, and adhesion tests will be discussed.

Also on Thursday, John Byers, Byers Rubber Consulting, will present "Filler effects and reinforcement." Preparation, properties and uses of both black and non-black fillers, effect on properties and cost, and selection criteria will be examined.

On Friday, June 15, Gary Hamed will give a talk on "Fracture." The theory to predict fracture, tear strength, different modes of fracture and fracture tests will be presented.

Registration for this seminar costs $1,350. Registration deadline is May 25. Further information is available from Nancy Clem (330) 972-8625.
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