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Semiconductors: The Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA) predicts that the microchip sector will experience a 6% rise in sales to a record high of $226 billion in 2005, even though SIA forecasted last November that sales for this year would remain flat, matching 2004's sales of $213 billion. SIA also predicts that by 2008, sales for the semiconductor industry should reach $309 billion with an annual compound growth rate of 9.8%. Sales growth is due to a higher demand in a number of end-user markets, such as computers and cellular devices. According to the Consumer Electronics Association, sales of consumer electronics rose 11% last year and should grow 11% in 2005. Mobile phones, PCs, digital televisions and cameras are expected to drive 2005 sales growth. The region with the fastest growth for microchips is predicted to be Asia-Pacific, which will account for 46% of the worldwide market in 2008, according to SIA. SIA's growth prediction is similar to research firm iSuppli's prediction of 6.1% sales growth for the microchip industry in 2005.

Source: Financial Times
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Date:Jun 30, 2005
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