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Semi-Tech Corporation - Akai To Unveil DVD Player End Of January, 1997.

MARKHAM, Ontario--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Dec. 2, 1996--Markham, Ontario - Semi-Tech Corporation ("Semi-Tech") announced today that Akai Electric Co., Ltd. ("Akai") issued the following press release concerning the introduction of their Digital Video Disk player.

Akai is a subsidiary of Semi-Tech (Global) Company Limited, an approximately 41% owned affiliate of Semi-Tech.

Semi-Tech Corporation is a Canadian-based multinational company engaged in the global marketing and distribution of consumer products for the home, principally through its subsidiaries and affiliates. Companies within the Semi-Tech group have revenues in excess of $6.5 billion. Semi-Tech's shares are listed on the Toronto Stock exchange (Class A: SEM.A; Class B: SEM.B). Class A shares are also listed on the Montreal Exchange under the symbol SEM.A and in the United States on the NASDAQ Stock Exchange under the symbol SEMC.F. Shares of Semi-Tech (Global) Company Limited are listed on The Hong Kong Stock Exchange under the symbol 448. The ordinary shares of Semi-Tech (Global) are also traded on the over-the-counter market in the United States through a sponsored ADR program under the symbol SITGY. Akai Electric Co. Ltd. shares are listed in the First Sections of the Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya Exchanges under the Code number 6802.

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AKAI Electric Co., Ltd. (Head Office, Ota-ku, Tokyo; James H. Ting, Chairman & President) announced today that the company has developed its own high-quality DVD player. "DVD-P1000," and will commence sample shipment by the end of this year. The company is scheduled to launch their product in the Japanese market at the end of January 1997 to pave way for its debut into the international market. The company will launch this DVD product for sale to the world market in April 1997.

AKAI is the world's fourth company to enter the DVD market by originally developing a DVD player, following Matsusinita Electronic Industrial Co., Ltd., Toshiba Corporation, and Pioneer Electronic Corporation. AKAI is also the world's first company to launch an originally developed DVD player among the non DVD consortium member companies. The monthly output capacity for the DV-P1000 can reach 50,000 units, depending on market reception, which is expected to be very good. The planned manufacturers suggested retail price in Japan is 80,000 yen per unit.

The DVD player technology has realized a high picture/sound quality which has not been possible to reproduce with existing technology. It is the hottest, next-generation product equipped with various multimedia features meeting the needs of the digital/multimedia age, such as Dolby Digital (AC-3) fitted as standard equipment, a multi-angle function that allows viewpoint switching within the screened visual and many more.

The DV-P1000 DVD player incorporates these various new features and even features that only AKAI has created so that users can instantly experience incredibly powerful picture and sound quality, in their homes. AKAI technology allows users to enjoy a high-quality home theater with amazing ambiance. (Please refer to the attached sheet for product specifications).

The DV-P1000 is the fruit of audio, video and professional-use electronic musical instrument technology developed and fostered over the long years by AKAI. It was created through an integration of world renowned, established technology unique to AKAI and state-of-the-art digital technology cultivated by recent extensive research and development promoted by AKAI as a member of the Semi-Tech Group. The launch of this product, together with a previously announced DID (Digital Internet Device, a.k.a. AKAI Internet Connection) heralds AKAI's global strategy and foray into the international multimedia business for the 21st century.

AKAI Electric Co., Ltd. and its affiliates distribute high quality audio and video consumer electronic products and CTVs in various countries around the world. The Company is also recognized as the world leader in digital sampler and stand-alone hard disk recording instruments for professional musicians. AKAI is a member of the Semi-Tech Group with a combined sales turnover of approximately US$5 billion per annum. The Semi-Tech Group is an international consumer and home products business comprising well-known companies such as AKAI. Semi-Tech Europe (Nokia's consumer product business), Sansui, Kong Wah, Tomei and also Singer and Pfaff. AKAI's leading edge has been in its strong engineering and R & D capabilities. It invented the first tape recorded kit manufactured by a Japanese company and the first European standard VHS machine at the 1977 Berlin Show. AKAI continues to be actively involved in R & D pursuing new, unique technologies and innovations over years of study. The Company is now aiming to become an international multimedia enterprise.

Features of AKAI DV-P1000 DVD Player

Main body employs: - "Aluminum front panel," representing solid and high quality

- Gray finish, high-grade thin tray

- Metallic turned turntable with minimized vibration

- Highly durable, brushless spindle motor

* The most slim line in the industry (height 80 mm).

Picture quality: - Superior picture quality design employing an optimum filter for picture output in various formats.

Sound quality: - Digital output: Dolby Digital (AC-3)

- Linear PCM: 96 kHz sampling/20 bit circuit

- High-quality design for both compressed PCM and linear PCM utilizing eight fold over-sampling as well as superior high performance 20 bit DAC

Interactive features: - Multi angle function that allows the user to select the viewing angle

- Multi voice function that enables the user to select one from a maximum of 8 languages

- Multi subtitling function that enables the user to select one from a maximum of 32 languages

(These features must be supported by the software disc). -0-

 Features that only AKAI brings you:

Intro scan: Edits and replays few second of
 each chapter's beginning.

Dimmer control: Capable of 3 settings of
 brightness of display

Icon display: Displays various icons which
 enable instant understanding of
 functions and features

Continuous playback: Automatically stores the canceled
 playback location in memory. For
 immediate continuance, simply
 press the PLAY key.

Remote control: Ergonomics Design with multi

Main Specifications: Power: AC 100 V 50/60 Hz
Power consumed: 21 w
Weight: 3.4 kg
Outlet dimensions: 480mm (width) x 80 mm (height)
 x 350mm (depth)

CONTACT: Michael List

Vice President-Corporate Development


(905) 475-2670 Ext. 227
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Date:Dec 2, 1996
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