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Semantic relationism.


Semantic relationism.

Fine, Kit.

Blackwell Publishing


146 pages



The Blackwell/Brown lectures in philosophy


Fine (philosophy and mathematics, New York U.), who specializes in metaphysics, logic and philosophy of language, believes there may be representational relationships between expressions or elements of thought that are not grounded in the intrinsic representational features of the expressions or elements themselves. He believes this idea can lead to solving a number of standard question. Fine begins by analyzing coordination amongst variables as he describes approaches ranging from the Tarskian to the instantial, algebraic, and relational, proposing a relational semantics for first-order logic. He then describes coordination within language, showing possible solutions to Frege's puzzle, rejecting compositionality, and reconsidering referentialism. He then examines coordination within thought, including strict co-representation and the cognitive puzzle, and analyzes coordination between speakers, working with Kripke's and related puzzles. He closes with a brief passage on semantical morals and ideas for further work.

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