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Selling the silent hunt: the archery market of 1993.

High-tech and ingenuity continue as the major themes of modern archery tackle, with technology dominating compound and stickbow manufacture and ingenuity prevailing in accessories. Whether you sell archery hunting gear along with your firearms, or you run an archery-only shop, this year your customers will be looking for the merchandise which will give them the ultimate advantage in the hunting field.

The proliferation of the youth bow is aimed at the future of the sport with high-quality, scaled-down bows for younger or smaller archers being one of the strongest market trends.

Another industry trend is the comeback of the stickbow. Individual bowyers are joined by many large companies in returning recurves and longbows to the modern archery market with bows which combine traditional styling and modern technology.

Here's an industry overview of the bows and archery gear you'll be selling most often in the coming archery season.

Bear Archery

New is a Bear Cub compound for the young archer. Draw lengths run 22, 23 or 24 inches, draw weight 20 to 30 pounds with 50 percent letoff and a 38-inch axle-to-axle (AA) length. Camo and black models are available.

The stickbow returns to Bear with a Custom Kodiak Take-Down recurve, RH or LH, composite construction, 60-inch length, draw weights of 50, 55, 60, 65, and 70 pounds pull, plus a one-piece Kodiak, as well as a Bear Hunter Take-Down, Bearcat Take-Down with magnesium alloy riser, RH only, and a little Sun Bear for beginning archers, 20 pounds at 23-inch draw packaged with Easton 1816 arrows.

Golden Eagle Archery

Computer-designed compounds are offered as compact Integrated Hunting Systems with compatible bowsights, quivers and overdraw units. The Pro Hawk 90 Signature System with 75/90 pound draw weight range has 60 percent letoff, a five-pin sight, overdraw, and straight-line cable guard.

Golden Eagle Archery offers hand-made stickbows that deliver heavy hunting arrows in the 190 to 200 fps range. The Signature Series takedown recurve weighs only slightly over two pounds with laminated African bubinga and curly maple woods. The company also offers instructional videos in the art of instinctive shooting.

Hoyt USA

One of the most respected names in American Archery is Hoyt USA, with a full line of compound bows for hunting and target shooting, including the line of Super Slam bows, the ultimate in archery technology created under the guidance of renowned bowhunter Chuck Adams.

For comfort both in the field and on the range, many customers turn to Hoyt's Spectra Series bows with their feather-weight feel. The trim, clean design of these risers make the bow nearly a half pound lighter than most other bows. In the woods or on the mountain, the featherweight can be a marvelous thing.

Along with their famous bows, Hoyt offers several sight systems, quivers, stabilizers, and overdraw systems.

Jennings Compound Bows

The Extreme Cam is now matched with a new Micro-Tune Yolk System on the Jennings Carbon Extreme and Carbon Extreme and Carbon Extreme XLR models, giving archers 65 percent letoff and a draw range 25 to 32 inches. The Carbon Extreme XLR with machined aircraft 6061-T6 aluminum riser is 40 inches AA. The XLR enjoys a "Fine-Tuning System" for minute cam timing and an AMO standard velocity of 228 feet per second (fps). The XLR is adjustable up to 80 pound draw weight.

Also new is a Titan compound bow of simpler design, 44 inches AA, up to 70 pound draw weight.

Precision Shooting Equipment

One of the most respected names in the archery business is still one of the best: PSE. The staff at PSE are ready to set you up with everything you need to make a profit in the archery business. The best equipment, the most knowledgeable sales staff, and the exclusive PSE Dealer School are all advantages offered to PSE dealers.

The PSE Dealer School has educated more than 1,000 archery dealers on how to maximize archery income in their gun and archery stores. After attending the school, archery dealers have an average increase of 300 percent in their archery sales.

With PSE compound bows, sights, quivers, overdraw rests, and accessories, your customers won't have to look anywhere else to meet their archery needs.



The most recognized name in cross-bows for hunting and target shooting is Barnett. This year, Barnett has introduced the ultimate compound hunting crossbow, the Demon, with a 150-pound draw weight and a power stroke of 13 1/4 inches. Weighing just over 6 pounds, the Demon is compatible with numerous Barnett scopes and cocking devices.

Also new is the Delta Storm, a 150-pound draw collapsible recurve crossbow for the high-tech hunter. With folding stock, take-down prod, and folding stirrup, the Delta Storm is a one-of-a-kind item every collector will want.


One of the best names in crossbows just got better. With the introduction of Saxon's 1993 "2nd Generation" bows, Saxon has introduced a full five-year warranty. Non-compound models with a new patented prod end increase performance and eliminate dry-fire damage.


Accra 300

For archers who demand the highest degree of accuracy, the Accra 300 Legend II T-Dot bow sight delivers. The light gathering T-dot pins offer the greatest visibility in low-light hunting situations. The Legend II also offers side windage lock-down pins, a heavy duty pin guard, and a heavy duty extension with a quick detach. A handy wrench is built right into the unit.

American Arrow

When your customers have a passion for perfection, you need American Arrow products. American Arrow is re-defining the standards of precision aluminum arrow technology. The state-of-the-art 7000 series aluminum alloy shafts ensure unsurpassed strength, spine deflection, and weight uniformity.

Bob Allen

For quality shooting and hunting apparel, archers and hunters have always looked Bob Allen for a hunt or just a trip to the practice range. Comfort and utility are combined in the full line of Bob Allen clothing.

The Bohning Co., Ltd.

The hot item of the hour is an arrow cresting kit along with a video on arrow building. The kit includes everything needed to create handsome, professional-looking arrows.

Bohning also catalogs an extensive array of other archery accessories, including compound bow quivers, bowfishing attachments and arrowheads, Zapper broadheads, camouflage gear, and all the supplies necessary for custom making arrows -- whether at home or in the pro shop.

Buck Stop

All hunters have learned to trust the name Buck Stop when shopping for hunting scents, calls, and lures, but none more than archery hunters. With Buck Stop Products, archers can get closer to their quarry and every hunt can be a success. Don't turn away your customers when they ask for the best -- give them Buck Stop.

Golden Key Futura

For the serious archer and hunter, Golden Key Futura products mean business. New this year are three new rests -- the Retracto-Rest, the Medallion laterally adjustable rest, and the Calibrator micro-adjustable rest -- which will ensure the highest degree of accuracy.

Also available from Golden Key Futura are several hunting and overdraw rests, pin sights and crosshair sights, and stabilizers and weights. New for 1993 is the Spinner line, including the Golden Spinner, the Mini Spinner, and the Carbo Spinner, the world's first adjustable broadheads.

Hunter's Specialties

Don't let your hunting customers take the field without H.S. Camo, Scents, Calls, and Archery Accessories at their side. Endorsed by archery hunting legend Chuck Adams, these are the products your customers will be asking for as they prepare for the hunt -- and for years afterward.

Vegas On a Bowstring

The 1993 National Archery Show, Las Vegas

After 22 years at the Tropicana hotel, the National Archery Show (NAS), held in conjunction with the Las Vegas Archery Tournament, found itself in a new convention facility at the Sands hotel off the famous Las Vegas Strip, February 5-7, 1993. Once the largest archery-only trade show in the country, the NAS now resembles a scaled-down version of the Louisville Bowhunting Trade Show.

The NAS is somewhat unique in that only one day is devoted to dealers. The other two days the general public is invited to attend the show and has the opportunity to view and handle new archery products while meeting with the manufacturers or their reps.

The tournament attracts more than 1,400 shooters who compete in various categories from Junior Olympic to professional archers with a purse of over $125,000 divided among the top professional shooters.

The show once boasted nearly 200 exhibitors, but with the growth of the Bowhunting Trade Show in Louisville, the major manufacturers aren't as prominent in Las Vegas. None the less, the 1993 show was well-attended as major dealers and distributors from throughout the western United States visited the 100 exhibitor booths.

Most exhibitors in attendance saw the new location in the Sands facility as a step toward future growth of the NAS. The move to the Sands has allowed the tournament to grow by 33 percent and combines the archery show in the area near the shooting line of archers.

The drawbacks are not inherent to the convention facility itself, but its distance to area hotels and restaurants, and the lack of ample parking. Another trade show running in conjunction with the NAS put the $3 parking spaces at a premium and the outside parking lots couldn't handle the load of overflow parking.

The dates for next NAS are Feb. 4 through 6, 1994.

OH Mullen Archery

Don't let your customers forget the little things, like Marco nocks, vanes, and arrow shafts from O.H. Mullen. If accuracy and high quality are important to the archers in your store, these are the products you should be selling.

Timber Creek

From Timber Creek comes the Satellite TNT broadhead line, including the Titan TNT and the Mag TNT. The secret of the TNT line is the Titanium Nitride Tough coating which makes all coated surfaces of the broadheads twice as tough as before. Throw in thicker blades and impact-resistant Stressproof chisel-point steel and you'll be able to give your customers the premier arrowheads on the market today.

Archery is a great way to get more hunters out into the field, and more customers into your store. Whether you stock a few archery supplies or a full line of target and hunting archery gear, you shouldn't overlook the effect archery can have on your bottom line. Once a shooter gets hooked on archery, you'll be seeing more of him for years to come.

Stalking The Archery Customer

The 1993 Louisville Bowhunting Trade Show

In it's fourth year, the Bowhunting Trade Show had continued growth this year as 369 archery exhibitors displayed their wares to distributors and dealers in Louisville, Ky., January 7-9, 1993 -- just a week before the famous SHOT SHOW.

Show manager Stan Chiras created the show as a means to establish a central location in the country, allowing archery dealers and distributors to attend without traveling to a different location each year, keeping travel and planning expenses to a minimum.

"Louisville is within one to one-and-one-half days driving time for the vast majority of archery dealers east of the Mississippi," Chiras said. "This helps cut the expense of traveling to a trade show. Additionally, the hotels in downtown Louisville have given us excellent service and most are within walking distance of the convention center.

"The first year was an experiment. We drew the major manufacturers, but dealer attendance wasn't what we had hoped for. We learned a lot," Chiras continued. "We are also trying to keep it within the industry without proliferation from outside. Dealers recognize this and attendance has increased each year.

"A major complaint I had as an exhibitor at outdoor trade shows was that archery and archery-related exhibitors were lost among the hiking, camping, firearms and general interest exhibitors. The dealers who had traveled to see us got lost in the maze of exhibitors. Within our own industry trade show, dealers have ample time to sit and talk one-to-one with the president, vice president and sales manager of the companies attending."

Chiras stated that the small to medium manufacturer has an equal chance at the Bowhunting Trade Show. He said created this show for the entire industry, both large and small companies.

An estimated 6,000 dealers registered this year to walk the aisles and see the new product lines for 1993. Exhibitors were busy all three days of the show, visiting with current customers and acquiring potential new ones.

"We are outgrowing the Louisville Convention Center, but it is such a great facility I would hate to move the show to another location," Chiras said. "But growth is part of the business."

Because of the growth, the 1994 show is moving to the Kentucky State Fair and Exposition Center near the Louisville Airport. The dates are January 28-30, 1994.

If dealer attendance is a part of judging sales, 1993 could be another great year for the archery industry.
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