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Articles from Selling Destinations, Geography for the Travel Professional, 4th ed. (January 1, 2004)

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Title Author Type Words
Appendix A Average length of stay--leisure travelers. Mancini, Marc Appendix 310
Appendix B Research Resources. Mancini, Marc Appendix 451
Appendix C Destination-related feature films. Mancini, Marc Appendix 348
Chapter 1 New England the cradle of liberty. Mancini, Marc 3069
Chapter 10 Mexico tropical fiesta. Mancini, Marc 3884
Chapter 11 The Caribbean a sea of nations. Mancini, Marc 5190
Chapter 12 Brazil where everything sizzles. Mancini, Marc 3647
Chapter 13 Latin American potpourri. Mancini, Marc 6191
Chapter 14 Great Britain and Ireland foreign, yet familiar. Mancini, Marc 4512
Chapter 15 France the movable feast. Mancini, Marc 4318
Chapter 16 Italy Pisa and pizza. Mancini, Marc 3732
Chapter 17 Spain and Portugal everything under the sun. Mancini, Marc 4103
Chapter 18 Germany: romantic roads. Mancini, Marc 3511
Chapter 19 Greece and Turkey an Odyssey of culture. Mancini, Marc 3729
Chapter 2 New York and New Jersey Broadway and Boardwalk. Mancini, Marc 3760
Chapter 20 European potpourri. Mancini, Marc 5905
Chapter 21 Egypt riddles in the sand. Mancini, Marc 3553
Chapter 22 Israel, Palestine, and Jordan the holy lands. Mancini, Marc 4016
Chapter 23 Kenya and Tanzania the lion sleeps tonight. Mancini, Marc 3306
Chapter 24 African and Middle Eastern Potpourri. Mancini, Marc 6798
Chapter 25 Australia and New Zealand where things are jumping. Mancini, Marc 4558
Chapter 26 The Pacific fantasy islands. Mancini, Marc 4286
Chapter 27 Japan pearl of the orient. Mancini, Marc 4289
Chapter 28 Singapore and Thailand crossroads of Asia. Mancini, Marc 3663
Chapter 29 China of red and gold. Mancini, Marc 5107
Chapter 3 Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, D.C. the Mid-Atlantic Medley. Mancini, Marc 3821
Chapter 30 Asia and the Pacific Potpourri. Mancini, Marc 6812
Chapter 4 Florida where the mouse roars. Mancini, Marc 3628
Chapter 5 California and Arizona glamour and grandeur. Mancini, Marc 4833
Chapter 6 Canada and Alaska the great white north. Mancini, Marc 4590
Chapter 7 Hawaii paradise found. Mancini, Marc 3710
Chapter 8 North American Potpourri (East). Mancini, Marc 3263
Chapter 9 North American Potpourri (West). Mancini, Marc 4021
Part I Basic ingredients: geography and how to sell it. Mancini, Marc Work overview 10486
Part II North America charm of the familiar. Mancini, Marc 3021
Part III Latin America and the Caribbean Rhythms of Culture. Mancini, Marc 2111
Part IV Europe continental flair. Mancini, Marc 2672
Part V Africa and the Middle East Savannahs and sand. Mancini, Marc 2993
Part VI Asia and the Pacific rim of mystery. Mancini, Marc 2832

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