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Seligman Dueling Tree.

* While I enjoy hunting and formal targeting as much as the next guy, I must admit that some of my best shooting days have been spent popping off tin cans and shooting at gongs. Let's face it, you get instant-visual and auditory gratification, and aren't really called upon to "perform" to any high degree of proficiency.

Every Garden of Eden has its snake though. It's sure a lot of fun knocking the cans and plastic bottles down, but after a while the hike to set them back up again gets a tad onerous.

Apparently I'm not the only lazy man in the shooting game, for recently Seligman Shooting Products, P.O. Box 133, Dept. GA, Seligman, AZ 86337, has come up with a novel no-sweat plinking target they term a "Dueling Tree."

Offered in two sizes, this clever device basically sets itself up--or rather each shot resets a target. Sound complicated? Not so! The Shooting Tree is composed of a sturdy central post, upon which are mounted four swinging square steel target plates. In front of the post, a longitudinal "T"-shaped shield keeps bullets from striking and possibly damaging the post.

When a plate is hit, it moves around 180 degrees to the other side of the post--in effect instantly presenting itself for another shot. The target arms are mounted eccentrically, to keep them from swinging to-and-fro like a saloon door. One shot simply pushes the steel square to the other side of the post.

Dueling Trees are available for centerfire handguns from .38 Special through the magnum calibers and for .22 rimfire. Seligman does, however, recommend downloading the magnum rounds and using heavier bullets in .38s and 9mm's, if at all possible.

We had the opportunity to test one of the larger trees recently. We fired factory 9mm Parabellums, and .38 Specials and a large bore (.75 caliber) muzzle-loading rifle at the target, with satisfying results. As promised, the device produced several magazines and cylinders-full of satisfying, no-sweat plinking. The plates rarely failed to reset.

Dueling Trees come equipment with a pair of sturdy angle-iron "feet", widely spaced on either end of a transverse steel bar. The feet and the swinging targets can be removed for storage/transportation.

Seligman has even come up with a competition based on the Tree, involving a "duel" wherein one shooter fires at two targets set up on his "side" and another gunner blazes away at the other pair. When one man manages to get all four plates on his opponent's side, he is declared the winner. Sound like fun? It is. For information on prices, shipping and availability drop Seligman a line.
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Title Annotation:evaluation
Author:James, Garry
Publication:Guns & Ammo
Date:Oct 1, 1984
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