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Self-sealing poly liner.

* does not leak

* protects from punctures

QuikGel is a self-sealing polyurethane liner that reduces downtime from flat tires by providing protection from punctures up to 1/4-in. diameter. This liner offers sidewall coverage to the middle of the sidewall as well as extra shoulder coverage for lateral punctures. It is suitable for skid steers, agriculture, telehandlers, golf carts and ATVs. The self-healing polyurethane gel membrane provides constant protection against small punctures and is centrifugally cast-balanced to ensure a smooth ride. Its operating temperature is cooler than that of solid or filled tire options but it also works well in higher heat applications. In addition, QuikGel works with over-the-tire track applications, allowing shedding of foreign debris in the track system. The materials are also offered with optional tread only or tread/sidewall coverage for specific needs.

Arnco, South Gate, CA

Circle 105, or

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Date:Mar 1, 2005
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