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The Construct Validity of the Differentiation of Self Scale-Revised: A Multidimensional Exploration. Orazietti, Jessica R.; Searight, H. Russell; Silbernagel, James William; Nowak, Natalie Report May 14, 2022 5842
The Self and Sovereignty: Contextualizing the Sublime in Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni's Mistress of Spices. Bera, Shreya Critical essay Dec 22, 2021 10152
Keystone or Cornerstone? A Rejoinder to Verlyn Flieger on the Alleged "Conflicting Sides" of Tolkien's Singular Self. Williams, Donald T. Critical essay Sep 22, 2021 8154
How Do You Be Your Best Self in a Vexatious World? Lawrence, Julie Ann; Parkes, Rebecca May 1, 2021 4214
Performing the Self in Joseph Conrad's "Il Conde". Sokolowska, Katarzyna Critical essay Mar 1, 2021 6808
ME, MY SUBCONSCIOUS AND I. Hunt, Cameron Viewpoint essay Jan 1, 2021 7324
Influence of Trait-Patience in Goal Pursuit and Subjective Well-Being Among University Students. Mehmood, Anam; Hanif, Rubina; Noureen, Irum Report Dec 22, 2020 5499
How Do I Find My Authentic Self? Shapiro, Rabbi Rami Column Mar 1, 2020 1227
Celebrating the Self, Remembering the Body: Desire, Identity, and the Confessional Narrative in Autofictional Verse. Skafidas, Michael Essay Mar 1, 2019 11556
WHAT IS YOUR WAY TO CHALLENGE YOURSELF? Brief article Sep 22, 2018 171
The Gnomic Self: Counsel and Subjectivity in Shakespearean Drama. Lupic, Ivan Critical essay Jul 1, 2018 6860
Milton's Selfie: A Speculative Flight of Fancy. Peti, Miklos Critical essay Jul 1, 2018 2874
Exploring Differential Trial-Type Effects and the Impact of a Read-Aloud Procedure on Deictic Relational Responding on the IRAP. Kavanagh, Deirdre; Barnes-Holmes, Yvonne; Barnes-Holmes, Dermot; McEnteggart, Ciara; Finn, Martin Case study Jun 1, 2018 9630
Gardens of Eden and Earthly Delights: Hemingway, Bosch, and the Divided Self. Eby, Carl P. Critical essay Mar 22, 2018 4480
The Battle of the Conscious Self and the Power Dynamics of the Beauty Myth. Ashfaq, Samina; Khattak, Nasir Jamal; Shah, Syed Zahid Ali Critical essay Dec 31, 2017 4880
Maori men: An indigenous psychological perspective on the interconnected self. Rua, Mohi; Hodgetts, Darrin; Stolte, Ottilie Report Nov 1, 2017 8071
Urban Nowhere: Loss of Self in Lydia Davis' Stories and Wang Anyi's Brothers. Wei, Xue; Rose, Kate Critical essay Aug 1, 2017 6300
Attention, experience and self: reflecting on Spinelli's notion of 'worlding' (2016). Nelson, Peter L. Report Jul 1, 2017 3411
Hundertwasser--inspiration for environmental ethics: reformulating the ecological self. Barak, Nir Essay Jun 1, 2017 9372
Secrets and selves: theorizing a "Grandisonian" self. Krahn, Daniel Critical essay Jan 1, 2017 9744
What if we weren't selves? Buddhist and Daoist perspectives. Taggart, Andrew Jan 1, 2017 3637
Existentialism and the dialogical self: talk given at the Society for Existential Analysis Annual Conference, London, 30 September 2016. Rowan, John Essay Jan 1, 2017 4386
The Mariner's Centre of Gravity: The Self. Rehman, Mustaq ur; Shah, Syed Zahid Ali; Ashfaq, Samina Critical essay Dec 31, 2016 3384
Primeval time: selective memory of the self. Simanschi, Irina Essay Dec 22, 2016 10182
Creating a Pedagogical Space that Fosters the (Re)Construction of Self Through Life Stories of Pre-Service English Language Teachers /Creacion de un espacio pedagogico que fomente la (re)construccion del Yo mediante historias de vida de profesores de ingles en formacion. Polo, Álvaro Hernán Quintero Report Jul 1, 2016 7068
Consciousness: the damnedest thing a young person's guide to the roots of experience. Combs, Allan Jul 1, 2016 3296
Parsing to the source: from form to light, from known to knowing, from substance to void. Engstrom, Jack Report Jul 1, 2016 5150
Looking through their own eyes: a year 6 literature inquiry into themselves as cultural beings. Healey, Brett Report Jun 1, 2016 1534
The Clash Between Memory and the Self in Walker Percy's The Last Gentleman and The Second Coming/El choque entre la memoria y el ser en las obras de Walker Percy The Last Gentleman y The Second Coming. Niewiadomska-Flis, Urszula; Budzynska, Magdalena Critical essay Dec 1, 2015 8018
Illusion and the Self: Honglou Meng, Wilhelm Meister, and Bildungsroman. Ma, Ning Critical essay Dec 1, 2015 8602
Theorizing Goffman And Freud: Goffman's Interaction Order As A Social-Structural Underpinning For Freud's Psychoanalytic Self. Hancock, Black Hawk; Garner, Roberta Report Sep 22, 2015 10409
Fodor's Field Diary and the Writing of the Hungarian Imperial Self During World War I. Jobbitt, Steven A.E. Critical essay Sep 1, 2015 6462
Development and initial validation of integrative Islamic personality inventory. Ismail, Nik Ahmad Hisham; Tekke, Mustafa Report Aug 1, 2015 6152
An empirical investigation of the role of self, hierarchy, and distinction in a common act exercise. Foody, Mairead; Barnes-Holmes, Yvonne; Barnes-Holmes, Dermot; Rai, Laura; Luciano, Carmen Clinical report Jun 1, 2015 8353
It's not easy being an incredible shrinking man. Leach, Michael Apr 10, 2015 882
Tenuous frames: Ming Wong's persona performa. King, Homay Critical essay Dec 22, 2014 4316
Expected possible selves and coping skills among young and middle-aged adults with bipolar disorder. Tse, Samson; Yuen, Yammi Man-Yan Yuen; Suto, Melinda Report Sep 1, 2014 5652
Love, hate and the emergence of self in addiction recovery. Kemp, Ryan; Butler, Alan Essay Jul 1, 2014 4961
Failing to see eye to eye: the role of the self in conflict misperception. Collisson, Brian Report Jun 1, 2014 3023
A model of the materialistic self. Watson, David C. Report Mar 1, 2014 7268
The acousmatic voice as the chiasmatic flesh: an analysis of Howard Barker's Gertrude-the Cry. Fakhrkonandeh, Alireza Critical essay Jan 1, 2014 19394
L'autre du corps et l'autre de l'esprit. Abdellah Ta'ia, L'Armee du salut. Matei, Alexandru Report Jan 1, 2014 6911
Gender similarities and differences in phenomenology. Mircica, Nela Report Jan 1, 2014 2248
The embodied self. Pollack, Robert Dec 22, 2013 2440
Tribal religions from the heart: Hebrew Leb and Torobo Oltau. Ashdown, Shelley Report Dec 22, 2013 12172
'Volto di Medusa': monumentalizing the self in Petrarch's Rerum vulgarium fragmenta. Feng, Aileen A. Critical essay Nov 1, 2013 11848
Borges, social order and human action. Dapia, Silvia G. Critical essay Jul 1, 2013 11250
Negotiating paternalism and the enterprising self in Taiwanese talent shows. Jian, Miaoju Report May 1, 2013 5793
The self in Mennonite garb: where does the writing come from? Hostetler, Ann Critical essay Jan 1, 2013 7664
How motivation really works: towards an emoto-motivation paradigm. Hunter, Murray Report Dec 1, 2012 12490
Never so simple: why we should learn from Mailer's engagement with complexity. Mann, Fraser Essay Sep 22, 2012 5889
Eclipse and aftermath: religious life and the shift from soul to self. Moran, Frances M. Aug 17, 2012 1372
La confesion de Borges o el plagio de la memoria falible, autoria e intertextualidad externa en "El otro". Vaca, Wladimir Chavez Critical essay Jul 1, 2012 6075
Denmark's rotting reconsidered. Vanhoutte, Jacqueline Critical essay Jun 22, 2012 12025
The ever-elusive self: response to Jayarava Attwood. Adams, George Critical essay Jun 22, 2012 2982
Laying down the map: tracing the self through the city in Carmen Martin Gaite's Lo raro es vivir. Tibbitts, Amy L. Critical essay May 1, 2012 8664
Personalist spirituality and Buddhist anatman: reflections on contrasting subjectivities, or why I am not (quite) (yet) a Buddhist. Adams, George Essay Mar 22, 2012 3735
Facing death without a soul: a response to George Adams. Attwood, Jayarava Essay Mar 22, 2012 2816
Undoings: an essay in three parts. Baxter, Charles Critical essay Mar 22, 2012 5606
Effects on mood of activating the private versus the collective self. Jin, Seung-A Annie Report Mar 1, 2012 1840
Buddhist hard determinism: no self, no free will, no responsibility. Repetti, Riccardo Essay Jan 1, 2012 7965
Buddhist hard determinism: no self, no free will, no responsibility. Repetti, Riccardo Essay Jan 1, 2012 11790
"Liber est causa sui": Thomas Aquinas and the maxim "the free is the cause of itself". Spiering, Jamie Anne Essay Dec 1, 2011 11083
Mediated social interaction and the senses of the self. Chisega-Negrila, Ana-Maria; Florea, Nadia; Taranu, Adela-Mihaela; Paun, Stefan; Lazaroiu, George Report Jun 1, 2011 2413
The cultivation of mastery: xiushen and hermeneutics of the self in early Chinese thought. Judy, Ron Report Mar 22, 2011 9558
The question of the self in existential thought. McGinley, Paul Essay Jan 1, 2011 5873
On being a person: Sartre's contribution to psychotherapy. Pearce, Richard Essay Jan 1, 2011 5645
Does Anatman rationally entail altruism? On Bodhicaryavatara 8:101-103. Harris, Stephen Critical essay Jan 1, 2011 9905
Paul Ricoeur and the biblical hermeneutics. Bondor, George Critical essay Dec 22, 2010 6387
Dividing practices, subjectivity, subalternity. Suetsugu, Marie Report Oct 1, 2010 10095
When being liked makes us dislike ourselves: self-rated attractiveness as influenced by an attractive or unattractive other's romantic interest in the self. Stambush, Mark A.; Mattingly, Brent A. Report Jun 1, 2010 5232
Beyond control?: resituating childbirth pain in subjectivity. Maher, JaneMaree Report May 1, 2010 5237
The trajectory of the hybrid self/Melez kisiliklerin gezingesi. Toplu, Sebnem Essay Mar 22, 2010 9591
A self psychology perspective on the formulation and treatment of psychopathology in children with foetal alcohol spectrum disorders. Pienaar, Mariska; Molteno, Christopher D. Report Mar 22, 2010 8066
Developing a self: a general semantics way. Dawes, Milton Report Jan 1, 2010 2292
Anthropology. Author abstract Dec 22, 2009 3111
Playing for real in a virtual world: kids take on new identities, but sex differences remain. Bower, Bruce Brief article Mar 28, 2009 225
The Creation of I. La Cerra, Peggy Jan 1, 2009 3024
Kantian autonomy and the moral self. Wilson, Eric Entrican Essay Dec 1, 2008 11557
Subject and space in Catherine Millet's La Vie Sexuelle de Catherine M. Morello, Nathalie Critical essay Jul 1, 2008 7170
Self as a 'migratory bird': Janet Frame's Towards Another Summer. Golafshani, Leili Critical essay May 1, 2008 7095
The individual- and social-oriented Chinese bicultural self: a subcultural analysis contrasting mainland Chinese and Taiwanese. Lu, Luo; Kao, Shu-Fang; Chang, Ting-Ting; Wu, Hsin-Pei; Sin, Zhang Report Apr 1, 2008 3528
Skin: an assemblage on the wounds of knowledge, the scars of truth, and the limits of power. Emberley, Julia Report Mar 1, 2008 3484
The self-weird world: problems of being as the fantastic invasion in small-press speculative fiction. Bradley, Darin Essay Jan 1, 2008 7867
The emergence of self in relationship. Butt, Trevor Essay Jan 1, 2008 4563
Images and icons: female teachers' representations of self and self-control in 1920s Ireland. Bhroimeil, Una Ni Report Jan 1, 2008 6205
Asceticism and the hopeful self: subjectivity, reductionism, and modernity. Flood, Gavin Jan 1, 2008 6873
Subjects, selves, and survivors. Hall, Edith Critical essay Sep 22, 2007 15111
The problem of self and other in Maurice Gee's Prowlers. D'Cruz, Doreen Critical essay Jun 1, 2007 7802
Guilty: of nothing (Jakob von Gunten). Plug, Jan Critical essay Mar 1, 2006 9973
International Philosophical Quarterly: Vol. 45, No. 4, December 2005. Dec 1, 2005 1080
Tennyson's Balin and Balan as the reconciliation of the divided self: a new reading of the final Idylls of the King. Purton, Valerie Critical essay Jun 22, 2005 7494
Gadamer on the subject's participation in the game of truth. Bernet, Rudolf Jun 1, 2005 11931
The benefits of selfishness. (Applied Ethics). Machan, Tibor R. Jun 22, 2003 772
"Progressive lit.": Amiri Baraka, Bruce Andrews, and the politics of the lyric "I". Lease, Joseph Critical Essay Jun 22, 2003 5417
Self and soul: exploring the boundary between psychotherapy and spiritual formation. Beck, James R. Mar 22, 2003 10047
Legal narratives of self-defense and self-effacement in 'Their Eyes Were Watching God.'(Critical Essay) Korobkin, Laura H. Critical Essay Mar 22, 2003 10939
Invisible Green VIII. Revell, Donald Mar 1, 2003 2672
Bent straight: the destruction of self in Martin Sherman's Bent. Sterling, Eric Critical Essay Dec 1, 2002 8477
I was imprisoned by subjectivity and you visited me: Bonhoeffer and Foucault on the way to a postmodern Christian self. Beaudoin, Tom Oct 1, 2002 11894
Life changers. Overtree, Christopher E. Sep 1, 2002 1329
Radical phenomenology, ontology, and international political theory. Odysseos, Louiza Jul 1, 2002 13706
Introduction 1. 'Dear Reader': definitions of the Epistolary Self. Montefiore, Jan Jun 1, 2002 4174
Introduction 2. 'anxiously yours': the epistolary self and the culture of concern. Hallett, Nicky Jun 1, 2002 5495
Subjective dispersion in Iphigenie or the unbearable fullness of being. Racevskis, Roland Critical Essay Mar 22, 2002 5806
Alterity and the "care of the self": Montaigne's essay "Of Friendship". Zalloua, Zahi Critical Essay Mar 22, 2002 7760
Self-construct and self-control: The speaking subject as a product of ritual. Zoberman, Pierre Mar 22, 2002 12488
This Aggression Will Not Stand, Man: Searching for Agency in 'The Big Lebowski'. (Language and Literature). Comer, Todd A. Brief Article Mar 22, 2002 198
The fragility of the self in Virginia Woolf's To the Lighthouse and Christa Wolf's Nachdenken uber Christa T. Asher, Evelyn Westermann Critical essay Jan 1, 2002 10415
The self as a problem: the intra-personal coordination of conflicting desires. Moldoveanu, Mihnea; Stevenson, Howard Jul 1, 2001 20727
The global subject in an electronic age: Re(x) locating the critical self. Lavazzi, Thomas Jan 1, 2001 8298
The Organization of Charisma: Promoting, Creating, and Idealizing Self. Weierter, Stuart J. M. Jan 1, 2001 11960
I Would. Wade, Amanda Poem Dec 1, 2000 135
Pathos (Allegories of Reading). TERADA, REI Brief Article Mar 22, 2000 11070
Language, self, and business ethics. MacKenzie, Raymond N. Essay Mar 22, 2000 9420
Passion, Activity, and "The Care of the Self". EDWARDS, JAMES C. Mar 1, 2000 2985
Torres Strait and Dawdhay: Dimensions of Self and Otherness on Yam Island [1]. Fuary, Maureen Mar 1, 2000 7895
The Sandelian republic and the encumbered self. Dagger, Richard Mar 22, 1999 10996
Disciplined subjects and docile bodies in the work of contemporary artist Jana Sterbak. McLerran, Jennifer Sep 22, 1998 4655
Independent and interdependent views of self: implications for culturally sensitive vocational rehabilitation services. Thompson, Virginia C. Oct 1, 1997 3687
Argumentation and self: the enactment of identity in 'Dances with Wolves.'(Special Issue: Argument & Identity) Lake, Randall A. Sep 22, 1997 15752
Charles and the hopeful monster: postmodern evolutionary theory in 'The French Lieutenant's Woman.' (protagonist in book by author John Fowles) Jackson, Tony E. Jun 22, 1997 10242
Self-scrutiny and self-transformation in Seneca's letters. Edwards, Catharine Apr 1, 1997 7233
Rereading The Outsider: double-consciousness and the divided self. McMahon, Frank Critical essay Mar 22, 1997 7419
Self, community, and time: a shared sociality. Rosenthal, Sandra B. Sep 1, 1996 7599
Heraclitus against the barbarians: John Fowles's 'The Magus.'(John Fowles Issue) Lorenz, Paul H. Mar 22, 1996 8640
The ethical individual: an historical alternative to contemporary conceptions of the self. McCready, Amy R. Mar 1, 1996 12779
Ten ways of disappearing. Flynn, Jenny Jan 1, 1996 6666
Spirituality reunites us with selves. Peatman, William Dec 8, 1995 1160
Intercultural identity in James Welch's 'Fools Crow' and 'The Indian Lawyer.' Saul, Darin Sep 22, 1995 2799
The search for self obsesses Canada's Stratford Festival. Johnson, Reed Oct 1, 1994 1020
The self and literary experience in late antiquity and the Middle Ages. Stock, Brian Sep 22, 1994 6242
Paul Ricoeur's 'Oneself as Another' and practical theology. Van den Hengel, John Sep 1, 1994 10233
The same and the same: two views of psychological continuity. Schechtman, Marya Jul 1, 1994 9611
Breaking the illusion of being: Shakespeare and the performance of self. Bartels, Emily C. May 1, 1994 8646
Alone with America: Cavell, Emerson, and the politics of individualism. Wolfe, Cary Jan 1, 1994 9978
Accounting for one's self: the business of alterity in fur trade narratives. Denisoff, Dennis Oct 1, 1993 8211
The play world and the real world: chivalry in 'Sir Gawain and the Green Knight.' Weiss, Victoria L. Sep 22, 1993 6336
Rationality and morality. Adams, E.M. Jun 1, 1993 5831
Post-modernism and the construct of the divisible self. Dunning, William V. Apr 1, 1993 4603
The "nose-baby" (taming horror and language by reconstructing an unconscious body image). Bigras, Elisabeth Dec 22, 1992 7486
Body, self, and the property paradigm. Campbell, Courtney S. Sep 1, 1992 7200

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