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Self-help is booming for stay-at-home dads.

Official campaigning bodies are one thing, but the stay-at-home dads' networking and self-help industry is also booming.

Just Google "stay-at-home dads" and you'll see evidence that this is not a flash-in-the-pan, but a development that is very much here to stay.

Go to - a well established networking site whose motto is "Father's Day - everyday".

Or you could try - which has its very own section dedicated to "dad's rants".

For the hardcore daddy the parenting website has its own babyblog complete with cute photos written by stay-at-home dad Aaron. Go to and prepare to have your preconceptions about men's emotional literacy blown away.

If you want a laugh try the 2007 novel The Diary of a Hapless Househusband by Sam Holden.

And (where else?) American dad Peter Baylies has written a self-help manual The Stay at Home Dad Handbook, with helpful hints on how to: "Avoid chaos when your wife comes home, answer the question 'what do you do all day', and, keep your cool when tantrums run high."
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Western Mail (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:May 14, 2008
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