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Self-help is a powerful remedy.

The bulk of AA call-outs are made by drivers who have a flat battery. Leaving lights on for long periods is the most common reason for battery failure, but there are others.

However, there is a self-help remedy - and it comes in the shape of a pair of jump leads and a White Knight who offers his or her vehicle as a source of power to give your power-less car a boost.

Once you have located both the leads and White Knight you should turn off the engine and put on the handbrake and leave the car in neutral.

If you have central locking, make sure your car keys are out of the car and the driver's door is open. This is because when your car receives a surge of power it demobilises all the pre-programmed electric's.

It is important that both cars have their engines switched off and they are not touching each other.

Jump-start should be performed as follows:

1 - Look for positive (+) symbol on battery.

2 - Clamp the lead's red (positive) terminal on the battery of the broken- down car.

3 - Connect other red lead to positive terminal of the healthy car.

4 - Connect black lead (negative) to anything on the engine casing which is metal - but not on anything which has cables or pipes leading out. You don't have to put the negative lead on the other side of the battery. This reduces the risk of a spark which may lead to an explosion.

5 - Do likewise on the healthy car.

6 - Let the battery stabilise by leaving for 10 minutes.

7 - Start up healthy car and leave running for five minutes.

8 - Then start up broken-down car and run for at least five minutes.

9 - Switch off good car.

10 - Take off negative lead from healthy car followed by negative lead from broken-down car. It is now safe to remove both the positive leads.
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