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Aspiring to lead: an investigation into the interactions between self-esteem, patriarchal attitudes, gender, and Christian leadership. Mason, Christopher; Mason, Karen; Mathews, Alice Report Sep 22, 2016 7242
Parental support and psychological control in relation to African American college students' self-esteem. Plunkett, Scott W.; White, Theresa R.; Carter, Delwin B.; Horner, Maria Elena Finch Report Jul 1, 2016 7784
We must regain our self respect; Letters Jun 16, 2016 247
Gallery House Presents: Masks of Courage: Defying True Identity, an Exhibit That Creates a Journey Separating the Sense of Self Worth from External Attributes. Mar 23, 2016 228
Voluntary Tax filing scheme to help achieve economic sovereignty and self respect for Pakistan: Dar. Jan 2, 2016 387
Project to look at impact of loneliness. Narine, Shari Brief article Jan 1, 2016 194
Does my disability mean I'm not "normal?" Often, the words that a person uses in talking with, or about you, affect not only your perception of the individual speaking them, but also your perception of yourself--your "self esteem.". Levinson, Jerry Dec 1, 2015 779
Is playing series with India more important than national self respect, prestige? Oct 12, 2015 682
College females' self-perceptions of their overall physical self-worth. Dodd, Regan K.; Vetter, Rheba E. Report Jun 22, 2015 5076
Parents help create their own little narcissists. Apr 1, 2015 348
De-Redicalization Centres to restore self respect of tribesmen: Mahtab. Mar 17, 2015 705
LGBT teens who come out at school have better self-esteem, study finds. Blue, Alexis; Renna, Cathy Mar 1, 2015 394
Need to ensure self respect of working women: Ombudsman. Feb 28, 2015 219
Comparative study of thinking styles, creativity and self-esteem of gifted and normal high school students in Zahedan. Jenaabadi, Hossein; Haghgoo, Bita Report Jan 15, 2015 3862
Self esteem among 14-15 year old girls: on the decline. Jan 1, 2015 372
Mindful self-acceptance: the heart of healthy leaders. Ehrlich, Joshua Jan 1, 2015 644
Masculinity priming: testing the causal effect of activating subjective masculinity experiences on self-esteem. Wong, Y. Joel; Levant, Ronald F.; Welsh, Matthew M.; Zaitsoff, Andrew; Garvin, Matthew; King, Daniel Report Jan 1, 2015 3333
Alexithymia and self-esteem in patients with ankylosing spondylitis/Ankilozan spondilitli hastalarda aleksitimi ve benlik saygisi. Solmaz, Mustafa; Binbay, Zerrin; Cidem, Muharrem; Sagir, Selim; Karacan, Ilhan Report Dec 1, 2014 3007
The effect of a creative art program on self-esteem, hope, perceived social support, and self-efficacy in individuals with multiple sclerosis: a pilot study. Fraser, Cira; Keating, Michelle Report Dec 1, 2014 5077
Perceiving that one's partner is supportive moderates the associations among attachment insecurity and psychosexual variables. Peloquin, Katherine; Bigras, Noemie; Brassard, Audrey; Godbout, Natacha Report Dec 1, 2014 8207
There's always somebody worse off. Brief article Nov 1, 2014 257
Journal file. Report Sep 22, 2014 2790
You are intelligent: discover your own, and start tapping into your potential. Sep 1, 2014 523
Overcoming parental toxicity. Campbell, Sherrie Column Sep 1, 2014 805
Not all one and the same: sexual identity, activism, and collective self-esteem. Gray, Amy; Desmarais, Serge Report Aug 1, 2014 5919
The effectiveness of music therapy on depression, anxiety and self-esteem of patients with multiple sclerosis (MS). Seighalani, Maryam Zadbagher; Ghahari, Shahrbanoo; Zarbakhsh, Mohammadreza Report Jun 20, 2014 5317
Relationship between androgenic features, physical self-esteem and tendency to marriage in single girls. Esmaeili, Zahra; Baravati, H.R. Hossein shahi Report Jun 20, 2014 3514
Effectiveness of music therapy on self-esteem in patients with multiple sclerosis. Seighalani, Maryam Zadbagher; Gol, Hayedeh Cheraghali; Rostami, Amir Masoud Report Jun 1, 2014 4047
RiRi receiving 'confidence counseling' to boost self esteem. May 14, 2014 116
Facebook may take toll on women's self-esteem. Brief article May 1, 2014 216
The business of self-esteem: finding your true value in a world of material success. Anderson, Amy Viewpoint essay Apr 1, 2014 2484
Unprotected sex and internalized homophobia. Thomas, Francois; Mience, Marie Cozette; Masson, Joanic; Bernoussi, Amal Essay Mar 22, 2014 3882
Self-esteem, social phobia and depression status in patients with epilepsy/Epilepsili hastalarda benlik saygisi, sosyal fobi ve depresyon. Kutlu, Ayse; Gokce, Gokcen; Buyukburgaz, Ulku; Selekler, Macit; Komsuoglu, Sezer Report Dec 1, 2013 3424
The study of managers self esteem relationship with their effectiveness at Marand high schools in terms of teachers' perspectives during 2013 educational year. Jafari, Nayer; Nezhad, Akbar Soleimani Report Nov 1, 2013 3647
The simple and multiple relationships between self-esteem and identity styles with achievement motivation among high school students of Bandar Imam Khomeini. Aslian, Fariba Hoseini; Pasha, Reza; Hosseinpour, Mohamad Report Nov 1, 2013 4988
Under the influence. Brashich, Audrey D. Oct 1, 2013 1306
The effect of selected games of school on self-esteem and creativity of 10-12 years old girl students of Shoushtar. Nezhad, Tayebeh Adib; Shafinia, Parvaneh; Habibi, Abdolhamid Report Oct 1, 2013 2633
'PM should quit if there is any self respect left in him': Venkaiah Naidu. Sep 28, 2013 564
Body image and self-esteem in patients with rheumatoid arthritis/Romatoid artrit'li hastalarda beden imaji ve benlik saygisi. Kurt, Emine; Ozdilli, Kursat; Yorulmaz, Hatice Report Sep 1, 2013 5431
Community garden to feed the needy and promote self worth. Aug 11, 2013 588
The construct of self-esteem in alcohol and drug education. Sharma, Manoj Editorial Aug 1, 2013 1088
Improving self-esteem through art for incarcerated youths. Murphy, April; Beaty, Jeff; Minnick, James Jul 1, 2013 2001
Improving self-esteem by improving physical attractiveness. Brief article Apr 1, 2013 139
The development and validation of a God-centered self-esteem scale. Victoria, Anastasia L.H.; Sim, Tick N. Report Mar 22, 2013 8553
Understanding the "Social deprivation mindset": an ex-offender speaks. Hercules, Trevor Viewpoint essay Mar 22, 2013 7313
Self-esteem and the initiation of substance use among adolescents. Richardson, Chris G.; Kwon, Jae-Young; Ratner, Pamela A. Report Jan 1, 2013 2721
TFI Envision, Inc. Helps Dove[R] Build Confidence and Self Esteem for Young Girls. Nov 30, 2012 263
Using the achieving success everyday (ASE) group model to promote self-esteem and academic achievement for English as a second language (ESL) students. Report Oct 1, 2012 5266
A therapeutic model for the development of self-esteem. Burnham, T. Lee Oct 1, 2012 1004
Using the Achieving Success Everyday (ASE) group model to promote self-esteem and academic achievement for English as a second language (ESL) students. Shi, Qi; Steen, Sam Report Oct 1, 2012 5178
The mechanism by which interpersonal coping flexibility influences self-esteem. Gan, Yiqun; Liu, Jun Report Sep 22, 2012 5487
Moving from self-esteem to self-acceptance. Nichols, Jenny Sep 1, 2012 2235
Beyonce's beauty can destroy the self esteem of an entire nation, says RiRi. Aug 13, 2012 102
Members of generation me can do anything! Or can they? Crappell, Courtney Column Aug 1, 2012 1805
Teachers' perceived benefits and barriers to connecting students to school. Vidourek, Rebecca A.; King, Keith A.; Nabors, Laura A.; Bernard, Amy L.; Murnan, Judy Report Jun 22, 2012 5736
You are special don't ever forget: from the National Chaplain. Edwards, Charles W., Jr. Column May 1, 2012 287
Operation Homefront and Women's Self Worth Foundation (WSWF) Announce 2012 Saban Military Wife Educational Scholarship Program. Apr 17, 2012 606
The difference in self- esteem of teen mothers from single and dual parent homes. Thompson, Charity; Singh, Madhu Brief article Apr 1, 2012 258
The relationship of self-esteem and self-efficacy to scholastic achievement among African-American college students. Womack, Indeya; Chong, Gary Author abstract Apr 1, 2012 245
Relationship between identity and self-esteem with attitude to life among Art students. Abdi, Fatemeh; Bagheri, Fariborz Report Apr 1, 2012 3857
Examining psychological well-being and self-esteem levels of Turkish students in gaining identity against role during conflict periods. Isiklar, Abdullah Report Mar 1, 2012 5008
The internal contradictions of recognition theory. Perez, Nahshon Critical essay Mar 1, 2012 11750
Get your Gele: Nigerian dress, diasporic identity, and translocalism. Strubel, Jessica Report Jan 1, 2012 6345
Telangana marks Self Respect Day. Dec 10, 2011 514
Multiple goals perspective in adolescent students with learning difficulties. Nunez, Jose Carlos; Gonzalez-Pienda, Julio Antonio; Rodriguez, Celestino; Valle, Antonio; Gonzalez-C Report Nov 1, 2011 10146
Operation Homefront and the Women's Self Worth Foundation Announce 2011 Saban Military Wife Educational Scholarship Winners. Aug 29, 2011 728
"Off Our Chests" Online Women's Magazine & Apparel Brand Begins Lobbying for Passage of the Self Esteem Act; Works to Engage FTC, Legislators, Madison Avenue and Hollywood in Calling for Warning Labels on Airbrushed or Photoshopped Advertisements and Editorials. Editorial Aug 22, 2011 1015
Debt gives young adults boost in self-esteem. Jul 1, 2011 354
Free webinar addresses self-esteem and albinism. Brief article Jun 1, 2011 156
Vain women post more on Facebook. Report Apr 1, 2011 254
Sex and money rank behind self-esteem. Brief article Apr 1, 2011 305
Role of self esteem and suicide ideation among African American college students. Ducksworth, Earnest; Singh, M. Brief article Apr 1, 2011 231
Mind games: Who says you can't have it all? Seven steps to annihilating your sneakiest inner villains. Shipp, Josh Dec 1, 2010 618
Does brand loyalty express self-worth? Brief article Dec 1, 2010 314
Obtaining confidence: why do some kids find it so hard to find, and even harder to sustain? Orloff, Susan N. Schriber Nov 1, 2010 1098
The relationships among self-esteem, stress, coping, eating behavior, and depressive mood in adolescents. Report Oct 1, 2010 146
Feel fab about yourself! 15 teeny, tiny ways to land major confidence. Kennen, Ella; Abbondanza, Katie Oct 1, 2010 861
To love or to loathe? Value yourself despite the circumstance. Holmes, Tamara E. Oct 1, 2010 807
The Women's Self Worth Foundation Pledges $250,000 for Women's Scholarships for the American Indian College Fund. Sep 13, 2010 438
Selfhood and self-esteem. A phenomenological critique of an educational and psychological concept/Savastis ir savigarba. Edukologines ir psichologines savokos fenomenologine kritika. Schwarz, Eva Report Sep 1, 2010 6676
Where we go wrong: building self esteem that really matters. Lipof, Mark H. Jul 1, 2010 2186
European Journal of Philosophy: March 2010, Vol. 18, No. 1. Jun 1, 2010 635
The relationship in between self-esteem levels and the mothers' expressed emotion in children with asthma/ Astimli cocuklarin benlik saygilari ve annelerin in duygu disavurum duzeylerinin degerlendirilmesi. Olcer, Sema; Fis, Nese Perdahli; Berkem, Meral; Karadag, Bulent Report Jun 1, 2010 3925
Revitalize yourselves. Hancock, Susanna M. Jun 1, 2010 1388
What helps us to be happy and productive along our personal journeys? The answers are sometimes quite surprising. Goddard, H. Wallace May 17, 2010 711
Coeducational versus single-sex physical education class: implication on females students self-esteem and participation. Furrer, Cynthia A. Report Mar 22, 2010 2756
The wrinkly beauty of self-acceptance. Feb 1, 2010 328
No compromise on self respect, dignity: PM. Jan 14, 2010 517
Americans Lose Ground in Most Areas of Well-Being in 2009; Overall Well-Being Index score unchanged because of improvement in Life Evaluation. Survey Jan 14, 2010 1465
Factors affecting sexual-self esteem among young adult women in long-term heterosexual relationships. Heinrichs, Kristelle D.; MacKnee, Chuck; Auton-Cuff, Faith; Domene, Jose F. Report Dec 22, 2009 10328
How can we help our clients when they are caught in comparisons? Otis, Gray Nov 1, 2009 530
Self esteem course held at college. Oct 24, 2009 187
Self-help books may not help people who need them most. Brief article Oct 1, 2009 163
Teaching mental skills for self-esteem enhancement in a military healthcare setting. Hammermeister, Jon; Pickering, Michael A.; Ohlson, Carl J. Report Sep 1, 2009 3209
Positive/negative. Weston, Carol Brief article Aug 1, 2009 180
'This is what power is': how I learned the real meaning of strength--from the unlikeliest of people. Torres-Fleming, Alexie Jul 1, 2009 1538
A psychometric study of empowerment and confidence among veterans with psychiatric disabilities. Kaczinski, Richard; Rosenheck, Robert A.; Resnick, Sandra G. Report Jul 1, 2009 4481
A first test of the implicit relational assessment procedure as a measure of self-esteem: Irish prisoner groups and university students. Vahey, Nigel A.; Barnes-Holmes, Dermot; Barnes-Holmes, Yvonne; Stewart, Ian Report Jun 22, 2009 7748
Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the healthiest one of all? Hardy, Darren Jun 1, 2009 488
Win the war between your ears: how to change your little voice. May 1, 2009 327
Relax When Too Many Things Are Up in the Air. Mann, Jennifer Derryberry May 1, 2009 773
Accepting 'stringed' US aid against Pakistan's self respect: Gilani. Apr 12, 2009 287
Increases in academic connectedness and self-esteem among high school students who serve as cross-age peer mentors. Karcher, Michael Report Apr 1, 2009 5768
Insanely jealous. Weston, Carol Brief article Apr 1, 2009 185
The secrets to self-esteem: seven ways to feel amazing about that person in the mirror-really! Barhyte, Dawn Marie; Flynn, Sarah Wassner Apr 1, 2009 864
The interrelationships between sexual self-esteem, sexual assertiveness and sexual satisfaction. Menard, A. Dana; Offman, Alia Report Mar 22, 2009 6203
Perspectives on muscle dysmorphia. Baghurst, Timothy; Kissinger, Daniel B. Report Mar 22, 2009 3352
Our Evolving Selves: Managing Self-Worth in a Tough Market. Essay Mar 1, 2009 774
Letter: No self respect. Jan 26, 2009 158
Improving reading: one mentor, one child, one book at a time. Jan 15, 2009 1344
Test anxiety, academic achievement, and self-esteem among Arab adolescents with and without learning disabilities. Peleg, Ora Report Jan 1, 2009 7263
A model of perseverance: Brooke Shields' unstoppable belief in herself. Brief article Jan 1, 2009 260
Nurturing self-esteem in your child with special needs. Mulholland, Linda Dec 1, 2008 1641
Correlates of social physique anxiety in men. Grieve, Frederick G.; Jackson, Lindsay; Reece, Thomas; Marklin, Lesley; Delaney, Andrea Report Dec 1, 2008 3212
The influence of men's self-objectification on the drive for muscularity: self-esteem, body satisfaction and muscle dysmorphia. Grieve, Rick; Helmick, Adrienne Report Sep 22, 2008 4920
Muscle dysmorphia, self-esteem, and loneliness among gay and bisexual men. Chaney, Michael P. Report Jun 22, 2008 6054
Exposure to domestic violence during pregnancy: perceptions and coping mechanisms of a vulnerable group. Libuku, E.; Small, L.F.; Wilkinson, W. Report Jun 1, 2008 5731
Die belewinge van informele versorgers van miv/vigs-pasiente: 'n salutogene perspektief. Steenkamp, Ilse; Potgieter, Johan Report Jun 1, 2008 6738
The experience of living kidney donors. Brown, Judith Belle; Karley, Mary Lou; Boudville, Neil; Bullas, Ruth; Garg, Amit X.; Muirhead, Norma Report May 1, 2008 5332
Internalization of values and self-esteem among Brazilian teenagers from authoritative, indulgent, authoritarian, and neglectful homes. Martinez, Isabel; Garcia, Jose Fernando Mar 22, 2008 6109
The experience of adoption (2): the association between communicative openness and self-esteem in adoption. Beckett, Celia; Castle, Jenny; Groothues, Christine; Hawkins, Amanda; Sonuga-Barke, Edmund; Colvert, Report Mar 22, 2008 5890
iVillage Brings Together Top Nutrition, Fitness and Self Esteem Coaches to Help Women Lose Weight and Get Healthy in the New Year. Jan 3, 2008 769
Cross-cultural instruction, consciousness raising, and inviting heightened self-esteem. Ivers, John J., Sr.; Ivers, John J., Jr.; Ivers, Nathaniel N. Jan 1, 2008 6423
Juffer Femmie and van IJzendoorn Marinus H: 'Adoptees do not lack self-esteem: a meta-analysis of studies on self-esteem of transracial, international, and domestic adoptees'. Davies, Miranda Report Dec 22, 2007 246
Global self-esteem and sexual self-esteem as predictors of sexual communication in intimate relationships. Oattes, Melanie Kristel; Offman, Alia Report Sep 22, 2007 7345
Integrated schools benefit students. Brief article Sep 1, 2007 200
American self-esteem doesn't add up to achievement. Lam, Andrew Viewpoint essay Aug 3, 2007 856
Horse Racing: Self Respect win leaves Thornton stranded one short of elusive ton; MARKET RASEN. Apr 29, 2007 599
Self-love = love for shyamalan. Bell, John R. Brief article Feb 15, 2007 140
Personal conceptions of intelligence, self-esteem, and school achievement in Italian and Portuguese students. Pepi, Annamaria; Faria, Luisa; Alesi, Marianna Dec 22, 2006 5281
Tune in to yourself: when you listen to yourself, good things start to happen. Huff, Feona Sharhran Jul 1, 2006 513
A destructive dialectic: the menace of egalitarianism and self-esteem. Stanley, Gregory K. Jun 22, 2006 5196
Studio 211 Announces Availability of New Hair Extension Technology for Fine, Thin or Damaged Hair; Recently Opened Studio Offers Customers State-of-the-Art Hair Extension Services to Protect Hair and Boost Self Esteem. May 3, 2006 373
The effect of perceived parental involvement and the use of growth-fostering relationships on self-concept in adolescents participating in gear up. Gibson, Donna M.; Jefferson, Renee N. Mar 22, 2006 5184
Emotions in relation to healthcare encounters affecting self-esteem. Raty, Lena; Gustafsson, Barbro Feb 1, 2006 7498
Labor-market consequences of poor attitude and low self-esteem in youth. Waddell, Glen R. Jan 1, 2006 18750
Collective self-esteem and burnout in professional school counselors. Constantine, Madonna G. Oct 1, 2005 6032
Internal stamp of approval: self-validation should matter most. Clarke, Robyn D. Sep 1, 2005 565
Rev up your rep: no doubt, you're already fab. But there's always room for an awesome image-bustin' change for the better. This school year, make that leap! Mulcahy, Lisa Aug 1, 2005 1173
Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil: education, humiliation, and learning to be together. Jacobson, Ronald B. Jun 22, 2005 7985
Investigating the impact of a career education program on school engagement. Sutherland, Dawn; Levine, Kathy; Barth, Brian Jun 22, 2005 9528
Love that bod! Do you have a case of bad bod-itude? Lost it ... by feeling beautiful from the inside out. Ryan, Sandy Fertman Jun 1, 2005 1144
Psychological traits and behavioral coping of psychiatric consumers: the mediating role of self-esteem. Kahng, Sang K.; Mowbray, Carol T. May 1, 2005 6418
When plastic surgeons say no. Sultan, Mark R. May 1, 2005 1473
Evaluating the effects of self-esteem on substance abuse among homeless men. Malcolm, Barris P. Dec 1, 2004 6380
Impact of a career intervention on at-risk middle school students' career maturity levels, academic achievement, and self-esteem. Hoare, Carol H. Dec 1, 2004 5803
Factors influencing self-esteem among individuals with severe mental illness: implications for social work. Kahng, Sang Kyoung; Mowbray, Carol Dec 1, 2004 6998
The relation of age, gender, ethnicity, and risk behaviors to self-esteem among students in nonmainstream schools. Connor, Jennifer M.; Poyrazli, Senel; Ferrer-Wreder, Laura; Grahame, Kamini Maraj Sep 22, 2004 5477
Parent-adolescent relations and adolescent functioning: self-esteem, substance abuse, and delinquency. Parker, Jennifer S.; Benson, Mark J. Sep 22, 2004 3610
Getting beyond self-esteem. Cottle, Thomas J. Aug 6, 2004 2214
Helping our students believe in themselves. Easley, Dauna May 1, 2004 1696
Validation of health locus of control patterns in Swedish adolescents. Ozolins, Andrejs R.; Stenstrom, Ulf Dec 22, 2003 2278
Maternal perceptions and adolescent self-esteem: a six-year longitudinal study. Heinonen, Kati; Raikkonen, Katri; Keltikangas-Jarvinen, Liisa Dec 22, 2003 6816
Acculturation, communication patterns, and self-esteem among Asian and Caucasian American adolescents. Rhee, Siyon; Chang, Janet; Rhee, Jessica Dec 22, 2003 6672
Melting the Dreamsicle of praise. Cooperman, Jeannette Column Nov 28, 2003 629
Social physique anxiety, body dissatisfaction, and self-esteem in college females of differing exercise frequency, perceived weight discrepancy, and race. Russell, William D.; Cox, Richard H. Sep 1, 2003 7299
The effects of assessment feedback on rapport-building and self-enhancement processes. (Research). Escovar, Luis Jul 1, 2003 7289
Shame and the adolescent. Eyck, Clare Ten Jul 1, 2003 1981
Findings puncture self-esteem claims. (Behavior). Brief Article Jun 7, 2003 190
Some teens prone to hopelessness depression. (Pessimism, low Self-Esteem). Walsh, Nancy Jun 1, 2003 994
An examination of perfectionism and self-esteem in intercollegiate athletes. Gotwals, John K.; Dunn, John G.H.; Wayment, Heidi A. Mar 1, 2003 8673
Collaboration between classroom teachers and a school counselor through literature circles: building self-esteem. Simpson, F. Morgan Mar 1, 2003 3471
Fink! Still at large: low self-esteem and narcissism. (Opinion). Fink, Paul J. Jan 1, 2003 1664
Coping with failure: The effects of self-esteem and coping on changes in self-efficacy. Lane, Andrew M.; Jones, Liz; Stevens, Matthew J. Abstract Dec 1, 2002 5104
Are you addicted to being right? Brief Article Nov 1, 2002 197
Yes! you can love your looks. Bryson, Jodi Lynn Oct 1, 2002 2420
The accuracy of self-efficacy: a comparison of high school and college students. Kiewra, Kenneth A. Sep 22, 2002 3327
Body piercing, tattooing, self-esteem, and body investment in adolescent girls. Carroll, Lynne; Anderson, Roxanne Sep 22, 2002 3904
Using a psychoeducational approach to increase the self-esteem of adolescents at high risk for dropping out. Wells, Don; Miller, Mark; Tobacyk, Jerome; Clanton, Robert Statistical Data Included Jun 22, 2002 1036
Psychology V: a heightened sense of self-esteem. Field, J. Fraser Jun 1, 2002 1333
A downside to boys' self-esteem. (FYI). Hollander, Dore Brief Article May 1, 2002 187
Partnerships in preventing adolescent stress: increasing self-esteem, coping, and support through effective counseling. Torres, Ivelisse Apr 1, 2002 5046
Psychology IV: Children's "self-esteem.". Field, J. Fraser Brief Article Apr 1, 2002 955
Respect: learning to value yourself and others. (Keep The Cool In School A Scholastic Campaign Against Violence and Verbal Abuse). Perry, Bruce D. Mar 11, 2002 391
Comparison of self-esteem, body satisfaction, and social physique anxiety across males of different exercise frequency and racial background. Russell, William D. Statistical Data Included Mar 1, 2002 6715
Translation of the Rosenberg Self-Esteem Scale into American sign language: a principal components analysis. (Instrument Development). Crowe, Teresa V. Statistical Data Included Mar 1, 2002 3958
Eating Disorder Relapse risk linked to Self-Esteem, Motivation. (Impulsivity, Ego Syntonicity Influence Risk). Sherman, Carl Dec 1, 2001 536
Four-fold prevention: strategies to prevent substance abuse among elementary school-aged children. Coker, J. Kelly Oct 1, 2001 2838
Steroids and the Pursuit of Bigness. SHERNOFF, MICHAEL Jul 1, 2001 1568
BODY WEIGHT, SELF-ESTEEM, AND DEPRESSION IN KOREAN FEMALE ADOLESCENTS. Kim, Oksoo; Kim, Kyeha Statistical Data Included Jun 22, 2001 2594
Creating a First-Year Seminar In Business. Lifton, Donald Jun 22, 2001 2496
Key Factors in Adolescent Distributed Learning. Hengstler, Julia E.W. Jun 22, 2001 4030
Remotivation Therapy and Huntington's Disease. Sullivan, Florinda R.; Bird, Edward D.; Alpay, Menekse; Cha, Jang-Ho J. Jun 1, 2001 5502
Achieve in Peace. CLARKE, ROBYN D. May 1, 2001 2147
In high esteem. Clarke, Robyn D. Brief Article Mar 1, 2001 271
Beautiful Me! Strasser, Janis Koeppel Dec 22, 2000 2544
BIKER BABE. Oct 1, 2000 110
Self-Esteem and Beyond. KLEIN, HELEN ALTMAN Jun 22, 2000 1367
The Self-Presentation of Sport Fans: Investigating the Importance of Team identification and Self-Esteem. Wann, Daniel L.; Royalty, Joel; Roberts, Angie Jun 1, 2000 3851
Does Aerobic Exercise Really Enhance Self-Esteem in Children? A Prospective Evaluation in 3rd - 5th Graders. Walters, Scott T.; Martin, John E. Mar 1, 2000 3583
THE ADVOCATE POLL. Frank, Barney Brief Article Feb 15, 2000 157
Building Esteem In At-Risk Children. Cho, Mika Brief Article Feb 1, 2000 936
Self-Esteem Differs by Race. Oct 15, 1999 171
A SPECIALIZED APPERCEPTION TEST FOR AMBULATORY-IMPAIRED ADOLESCENTS. Motola, Glenn C.; Hedgespeth, Joanne; Brown, Stephen Sep 22, 1999 3527
Self-Esteem: A Byproduct of Quality Classroom Music. Warner, Laverne Sep 22, 1999 2440
Learning Disabled Students: Using Process Writing to Build Autonomy and Self Esteem. Bonikowski, Mary H. Sep 1, 1999 2573
IMPROVING YOUR CHILD'S SELF-ESTEEM. Daves, Jada Ledford Sep 1, 1999 1851
Developing self-esteem. Jul 1, 1999 129
Self-esteem, self-efficacy, and welfare use. Kunz, James; Kalil, Ariel Jun 1, 1999 5505
Gender differences in physical self-perceptions, global self-esteem and physical activity: evaluation of the physical self-perception profile model. Hayes, Sean D.; Crocker, Peter R.E.; Kowalski, Kent C. Mar 1, 1999 4547
Another look at failure. Berman, Eileen Jan 1, 1999 841
Self-Beliefs Critical to ACADEMIC SUCCESS. Brief Article Dec 1, 1998 711
MAKING THE SYSTEM WORK FOR THE AT-RISK STUDENT(1). Baragwanath, Susan Dec 1, 1998 6707
Predictors of global self-worth and academic performance among regular education, learning disabled, and continuation high school students. Wiest, Dudley J.; Wong, Eugene H.; Kreil, Dennis A. Sep 22, 1998 5860
Associations among economic need, self-esteem, and Israeli Arab women's attitudes toward and use of professional services. Savaya, Rivka Sep 1, 1998 5167
The relationship of attributional beliefs to self-esteem. Turner, Lisa A.; Pickering, Shannon; Johnson, R. Burke Jun 22, 1998 2155
The relationship of individual and family factors to the psychological well-being of junior high school students living in urban poverty. De Haan, Laura G.; MacDermid, Shelley Mar 22, 1998 5209
Mentoring high-risk minority youth: evaluation of the Brothers Project. Royse, David Mar 22, 1998 4240
Scouting and girl scout curriculum as interventions: effects on adolescents' self-esteem. Royse, David Mar 22, 1998 2769
Perception of a model's self-esteem as a function of observer self-esteem and model's duration of eye contact. Lagomarsino, Jennifer; Gallagher, Michelle; Yankalunas, Sara; Brooks, Charles I.; O'Brien, Jean P. Mar 22, 1998 3358
Absent fathers: effects on abandoned sons. Balcom, Dennis A. Mar 22, 1998 5438
The self-esteem fraud: feel-good education does not lead to academic success. Shokraii, Nina H. Jan 1, 1998 2714
Romanticism and self-esteem among teen mothers. Medora, Nilufer P.; Hellen, Cheryl von der Dec 22, 1997 4977
Activities to boost self-esteem. Grayson, Randall Nov 1, 1997 2530
The impact of psychological and human capital on wages. Goldsmith, Arthur H.; Veum, Jonathan R.; Darity, William Jr. Oct 1, 1997 7906
Adolescent mothers' self-esteem and role identity and their relationship to parenting skills knowledge. Hurlbut, Nancy L.; Culp, Anne McDonald; Jambunathan, Saigeetha; Butler, Patrice Sep 22, 1997 5673
Psychological determinants of idolatry in adolescents. Sheung-Tak Cheng Sep 22, 1997 2018
The effect of a physical activity intervention package on the self-esteem of pre-adolescent and adolescent females. Boyd, Karin R.; Hrycaiko, Dennis W. Sep 22, 1997 6179
The effects of self-esteem, self-efficacy, and audience presence on soccer penalty shot performance. Geisler, Guido W.W.; Leith, Larry M. Sep 1, 1997 5728
The effects of self-esteem, self-efficacy, and audience presence on soccer penalty shot performance. Geisler, Guido W.W.; Leith, Larry M. Aug 1, 1997 5734
Message to the Roman Catholic clergy. Doherty, Rosemary Jantzen Column May 9, 1997 1072
Adolescent self-esteem and locus of control: a longitudinal study of gender and age differences. Chubb, Nancy H.; Fertman, Carl I.; Ross, Jennifer L. Mar 22, 1997 5848
The masculinity crisis. Levant, Ronald F. Feb 1, 1997 4509
Liberty, dignity, and responsibility: the moral triad of a good society: Klein, Daniel B. Jan 1, 1997 10023
Relevance of Self-Esteem to Mental Health. Malandra, Nicole T. Jan 1, 1997 2311
An image to heal. Zimmerman, Jill S. Jan 1, 1997 4884
Coaching emotional skills at camp. Coleman, Marla Jan 1, 1997 2137
Building self-esteem. Myers, Judy Jan 1, 1997 2403
4-H Night at the Movies: a program for adolescents and their families. Jurich, Anthony P.; Collins, Olivia P. Dec 22, 1996 4464
Urban-rural differences in adolescent self-esteem, leisure boredom, and sensation-seeking as predictors of leisure-time usage and satisfaction. Gordon, Winsome Rose; Caltabiano, Marie Louise Dec 22, 1996 6514
The man who lost it all. Harrell, Wilson Nov 1, 1996 722
The role of cultural norms in the self-esteem and drug use relationship. Moore, Sarah; Laflin, Molly T.; Weis, David L. Sep 22, 1996 4820
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