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Self-destruct safety fuzes.

The US Army has recently been busying itself with the testing and certification of a variety of self-destruct fuze (SDF) products. This due to the plethora of unexploded ordnance that plagues some of the fields, forests, deserts and valleys of the battlefields of the past. The US Army established a programme in 2004 that was intended to achieve high-rate production design and reliability testing, which led to a fully qualified self-destruct fuze for 155 mm Improved Conventional Munition (ICM) ammunition. Early January 2006 saw a three-round test firing using a 52-calibre gun to determine SDF performance in Nato howitzer systems, and another test with a 39-calibre gun was conducted in February; both tests resulting in no hazardous duds being produced. L-3 Communications' BT Fuze products division supplied all fuzes used in the aforementioned tests.
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Date:Apr 1, 2006
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