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Self-defense vs. municipal gun bans.

I am surprised that Wilmette, Illinois, of all places, has come down so hard on self-defense in a home invasion burglary ("Self-Defense vs. Municipal Gun Bans," June). Given the wealth in that community compared to its neighbors, its residents have a great deal to lose. But then, a lot of people in Wilmette aren't making sense these days.

Wilmette Trustee Bernard Michna seems to think the reason for the handgun ban is the danger from a "stray round" to "innocent civilians" But Wilmette Assistant Corporation Counsel Mary Beth Cyze has no problem with armed self-defense so long as it is done with a long gun. There is a pragmatic purpose to a municipal ban on handguns, but no one in Wilmette seems to remember what it is: These easily concealed weapons are often sought by burglars because they are favored for committing other crimes.

As for the recommendation to use a long gun, all the people I have talked to who are armed for self-defense say they have semi-automatic shotguns. Had such a weapon been used in this case, not only would the burglar mentioned in the article have not made it to the hospital; Hale DeMar would be taking bids to rebuild the entire side of his house.

Paul Milenkovic

Madison, WI
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Title Annotation:Letters
Author:Milenkovic, Paul
Article Type:Letter to the Editor
Date:Nov 1, 2005
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