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Self-contained crab line fabricated for Soviet ship.

Self-Contained Crab Line Fabricated for Soviet Ship

A complete crab-processing line, small enough to fit into a standard 40-foot shipping container, was fabricated this year in the Soviet Far East.

Flohr Metal Fabricators, Inc., Seattle, Washington, USA, built the line for Marine Business International (MBI), a global trading company that specializes in the USSR market, for installation on the Soviet factory-trawler Neptune.

According to MBI General Manager Alexander Silagin, the new crab line will allow the Neptune, which operates out of Vostochnyl, to catch and process either King or Tanner crab during the crab season, yet still be able to process pollock blocks during pollock season.

The challenge to Tim Hicks, Flohr's project engineer, was to fit a complete line capable of processing 780 pounds of crab an hour into the 40-foot container and still meet all ISO shipping standards. The system had to be completely self-contained so that it could be moved on and off the ship, yet also be compatible with existing electrical and refrigeration systems aboard the Neptune.

The finished processing line includes a crab hopper, four station butcher/giller, waste grinder, electric crab cooker, sea water cooler, RSW chiller, brine freezer, glaze tank, and packing table.

Steve Gibbs, project manager for MBI, worked closely with Hicks to meet Neptune's needs. According to Gibbs, "With this container the Neptune will be able to process and pack crab. Basically, live crab will come in one end and cases of frozen crab sections will go out the other."

It was the third containerized crab line built by Flohr. The first was completed in 1984 for F/V Isa Fjord. It's now being refurbished by Flohr for MBI and being sent to the USSR for use as a shore processing plant. Flohr also built one in 1990 for another Russian fishing vessel.

Flohr, makes a specialty of custom seafood processing equipment in all types of metal, including stainless steel, and aluminum. Its capabilities include large jobs such as designing, manufacturing and installing entire fish processing plants.
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Title Annotation:Flohr Metal Fabricators Inc. builds complete crab processing line
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Date:Oct 1, 1991
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