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Self-Evident Facts.

It is no secret that weakening the Arabs is a basic goal for the United States and for the West in general. It is also no secret that some Arabs are favorable to such efforts, and accept weakness as their inevitable fate, despite the massive resources at their disposal, and despite their important geostrategic position. This is what contemporary and modern history asserts. Reviewing the statements made by all US Presidents, let us say starting from Nixon, so as not to go too far back, confirms this. There is not one of those Presidents who did not assert, during his electoral campaign as well as after winning and reaching the White House, that he would not allow all of the Arabs combined, as well as the non-Arabs in the Middle East, to gain the upper hand over Israel. Those who would want more practical evidence only have to review the figures of the military donations which successive US Administrations have been showering the Hebrew State with (this aid is estimated at 115 billion dollars, representing 20 percent of Israel's defense budget). This is in addition to joint military industrial projects between the two countries.

Washington does not suffice itself with such aid, as it always, when selling its weapons to anyone, puts down the condition that they should not be used in any confrontation with Israel, and always makes sure the weapons purchased cannot rival those held by the Hebrew State. And it does not stop there, but rather goes beyond to unlimited political and diplomatic support, as evidenced by the dozens of vetoes at the Security Council.

All of these are self-evident facts. Also self-evident is the fact that, in any war waged by Arabs against Israel, the United States would establish an aerial bridge or a maritime route to bring anything the Israeli army would want right to Tel Aviv or even directly to the battlefield. This is what happened in 1967 and in 1973, as well as during the offensive against Lebanon and the invasion of Beirut in 1982 and in 2006. In other words, anyone who would fight Israel would have to fight the United States militarily, politically and diplomatically. And if this were to prove insufficient, then the Security Council is ready to hold them to account, international tribunals await them, the terrorist list holds a special place for them, and the economic, political and media embargo is ready to demonize them and to starve them and their people - and this would require nothing more than for a decision to be taken by one or more ministries.

Once again, these are all self-evident facts plain for all to see. Yet it is strange that, despite their clarity, they still take up a large part of the debate that fills the press and the media, under the pretext that the other side, Russia today and previously the Soviet Union, plays the same role, but reversed, and that both Moscow and Washington seek to ensure their interests at the expense of our peoples and countries. That is also true.

For the third time, all of these are old and enduring self-evident facts. And perhaps the most recent of them is what is taking place today in Syria before our very eyes: the opposition has sided with American and Western plans. It demanded to be armed, and some countries met its demands, while Washington continued to insist on supplying it only with "non-lethal" aid. Yet it did not mind and did not pressure others to prevent it from bring armed. It did not take note of the involvement of French and British intelligence, as well as of its own intelligence services, in training fighters and in directing them in waging major battles against the regular army. And when it realized that the majority of the armed fighters were extremist "Islamists", it engaged with Russia in plans for a political solution that would ensure their shared interests, regardless of the interests of Syria, which no armed faction has been able to express or work according to plans that would ensure achieving them. Syria's interest does not lie in toppling tyranny and may God spare the faithful the evils of battle. Rather, it lies in building a democratic state and a strong army, one that would protect this democracy and would face its internal enemies (and how many there are!) and its external ones as well. It is self-evident that the United States, or France, Britain and others, will not allow this for many reasons, most prominently that of preserving Israel's superiority, and of keeping any ruling regime in Syria under its mercy, needing it to rebuild the country, hold donors' conferences, borrow from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and drown in never-ending debt... and in ceaseless internal wars. Is that not what happened and is happening in Iraq, in Afghanistan and in Libya?

It is a difficult and horrible thing to say: there awaits Syria more blood, destruction and fragmentation, and the Levant stands at the threshold of great strife.

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Publication:Dar Al Hayat, International ed. (Beirut, Lebanon)
Date:Mar 16, 2013
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