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Self-Esteem and Collective Self-Esteem as Predictors of Depression.

Byline: Shraddha Sharma and Surila Agarwala

: The Present research was conducted with the purpose to examine the relationship between self-esteem collective self-esteem and depression. Another objective was to study the contribution of self-esteem and collective self-esteem in predicting depression. It was hypothesized that: there is a positive relationship between self-esteem and collective self- esteem; there is negative relationship between collective self-esteem and depression; lack of self esteem and collective self-esteem are predictors of depression. Beck Depression Inventory (1996) Rosenberg Self-esteem Inventory (1985) and Collective Self-esteem Inventory (Luhtanen and Crocker 1992) were used to measure depression self-esteem and collective self-esteem respectively. Study was carried out on 200 participants ranging in ages between 17-23 years. Results showed significant positive relationship between self-esteem and collective self- esteem; significant negative relationship between self-esteem and depression. Collective self-esteem was significant predictor of depression. The Present research implies that an optimum level of self- esteem and high collective self-esteem individual is important to help reduce depression and enhance the positive aspect of personality.Keywords. Self-esteem collective self-esteem depression

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Publication:Journal of Behavioural Sciences
Date:Jun 30, 2014
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