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Self reliance through export performance.

Self Reliance through Export Performance

It is a matter of utmost pleasure to recognise the deeds of present regime who has strong desire for bringing radical changes in economic policies to boost up national economy to a revolutionary stage so that not only more and more employment facilities be created for the welfare of people but also huge foreign exchange be earned for the sake of self reliance, campaign of which has already been launched by our Prime Minister.

Keeping in view the state of affairs the Federal Commerce Minister Malik Mohammed Naeem Khan's directive for raising the exports of finished goods three-fold within a period of three and a half years, is highly commendable in principal and is one of the targets required for reducing the balance of payment deficit in order to put the economy on a sound track.

There is no denying the fact that the exports of value-added products not only accelerate the rate of foreign exchange inflow but help strengthen the local industrial infrastructure also so that they could be able to compete in the world markets.

The challenge is quite enormous but one that we could not run away from. We have to come to grips with it. In the wake of present circumstance when our Government is seriously moving towards cherished goal of self reliance through rapid industrialisation, it would be in the fitness of things to gear up the Apparel Industry in terms of modernisation. Without inflow of technology, things cannot be improved, we had been fighting for ending "frong loading" which this Government has done. It is a major and beneficial decision of this Government has done. This would help import latest technology. We do not have knitting machine technology so far, but with announcement of liberal and export-led growth trade policy a revolution will take place in ancillary industry.

Keeping in view such favourable investment climate, we have to promote our export particularly of Apparel on the basis of appropriate marketing strategy. It is a need of hour to review the entire situation. The fairs and exhibitions in real sense can be considered as appropriate promotional device for the growth of Apparel Industry. With these sentiments, the Pakistan Cotton Fashion Apparel Manufacturers & Exporters Association has made up the idea to go ahead with the exposure of Apparel Industry of Pakistan in a befitting manner. The Pakistan Fashion Apparel Fair (FAF) is the idea of Mr. Rashid Anwar. His relentless efforts to create awareness of the Pakistani apparel industry led him to organize the first FAF in 1987, and his never ending endeavours have made FAF one of the most important events for promoting his country's textiles and apparel.

Despite the overall prevailing world's situation the organizer of FAF considers this year's fair to be very successful. It will be 5th holding, and many buyers who attended past fairs will come to Pakistan again this year as well. Overall, buyers have given very good remarks with regard to the great improvements made in the quality of garments, as well as in the designs and presentations. So, the fair is considered to be successful even from the buyers point of view.

The main purpose of holding FAF is basically to introduce Pakistan as an exporter of apparel to foreign markets. The Government of Pakistan is also encouraging exports of apparel as they are good value-added items for earning foreign currency. Through FAF, efforts have been made to tell the world that there is more to Pakistan than just raw cotton and cotton yarn. Pakistani manufacturers have also been learning to sell, and have become more confident of yielding brilliant results. Apparel exports have been increasing since last

year, and there are hopes that exports will go on increasing in the future as well.

It can be said that FAF'91 spoke to the world for respective companies and for their products in a very impressive manner in terms of quality and competitive prices. In four short years, FAF has established itself as a compulsory stop on the itinerary of international buyers. Plans for FAF'91 are already under way. Exhibitors at FAF'90 outnumbered last year's, and it is expected that the number will be even greater next year. The continuing efforts made by the organizer are certain to make FAF even better from the view points of both exhibitors and buyers.

For international buyers this has become a vital event for doing business with Pakistani exporters. For Pakistani manufacturers and exporters, FAF'91 will be a rewarding experience. It will introduce them to new buyers, new clients and new opportunities for expanding their business. FAF'91 is the most cost-effective way to market the latest collections of Pakistani textile products directly to international buyers.

While concluding the unique features of Fashion Apparel Fair, we would appreciate that garments industry of Pakistan has rich potential for expansion and export promotion. Its exploitation will largely depend on the industry's ability to achieve success in marketing its products through expert management, adoption of efficient production methods, improving technical training and adopting quality control effectively. It deserves to be given liberal institutional support in the form of finance, guidance, supply of better quality cloth and liberal incentives to help it compete in the international markets. The prospects of expansion of Pakistan's garments industry and its export promotion are vast and varied in the cotton-based economy of Pakistan.
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Title Annotation:Pakistan; clothing industry
Author:Aziz, Sohail
Publication:Economic Review
Date:Aug 1, 1991
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