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Selective Genetics obtains United States patent.

Selective Genetics, Inc. has patented preparations of conjugates of a receptor-binding internalized ligand and a cytocide-encoding agent and compositions containing such preparations. The conjugates contain a polypeptide that is reactive with an FGF receptor, such as bFGF, or another heparin-binding growth factor, cytokine, or growth factor coupled to a nucleic acid binding domain. One or more linkers may be used in the conjugation. The linker is selected to increase the specificity, toxicity, solubility, serum stability, or intracellular availability, and promote nucleic acid condensation of the targeted moiety. The conjugates are complexed with a cytocide-encoding agent, such as DNA encoding saporin. Conjugates of a receptor-binding internalized ligand to a nucleic acid molecule are also provided. (US 6037329)
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Title Annotation:Selective Genetics Inc.
Comment:Selective Genetics obtains United States patent.(Selective Genetics Inc.)
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Date:Nov 1, 2000
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