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Selected trade and professional publication and online services, start-up or announced, first quarter 2004.


Title                                Publisher/City

Advances in Difference Equations     Hindawi Publ./Sylvania, OH
Applied Math. Research eXpress       Hindawi Publ./Sylvania, OH
Benefits Selling                     Wiesner Publ./Centennial, CO
Boating Industry Canada              Kerrwil Publ./Toronto, ON (0)                    Bus. Valuation Res./Portland, OR
BYTE Middle East                     CMP Media/Manhasset, NY
Channel Zone (O)                     Ziff Davis Media/New York Network (0)               Jupitermedia/Darien, CT
Construction Defects Insurance NL    Mealey Publ./King of Prussia, PA
Contingent Workforce Strategies      Staffing Industry/Los Altos, CA
Corporate Compliance Advisor         Advisor Media/San Diego, CA
CRN Middle East                      CMP Media/Manhasset, NY
Cutting Edge Report NL               Cutting Edge Report/L.A., CA
Digital Content Delivery Report NL   PBI Media/Potomac, MD
Digital Investigation                Elsevier/New York
Disability Litigation Reporter NL    Andrews Publ./Wayne, PA
Electronics Supply & Manufacturing   CMP Media/Manhasset, NY
Expert & Scientific Evidence         Andrews Publ./Wayne, PA
  Litigation Reporter NL
Female Entrepreneur New York         e-Spirit Holdings/Seattle, WA
Female Entrepreneur Texas            e-Spirit Holdings/Seattle, WA
Fixed Point Thoery & Applications    Hindawi Publ./Sylvania, OH
Furnaces International               dmg world media/London
GC Mid-Atlantic                      Americna Lawyer Media/New York
Healthcare Disparities Report NL     CD Publ./Silver Spring, MD
Hotspot Markets NL                   Baskerville Comm./Westborough, MA
Information Storage & Security       Sys-Con Media/Montvale, NJ
Int'l J. of Science & Math. Educ.    Kluwer Academic/Malden, MA
Int'l Math. Research Surveys         Hindawi Publ./Sylvania, OH
Int'l Wound Journal                  Blackwell Publ./Malden, MA
Investment Lawyer NL                 Aspen Publ./New York
Iraq Reconstruction Report NL        World Trade Exec./Concord, MA
IT Solutions Guide                   Sys-Con Media/Montvale, NJ
J. of Academic Ethics                Kluwer Academic/Malden, MA
J. of Empirical Legal Studies        Blackwell Publ./Malden, MA
J. of Policy & Practice in           Blackwell Publ./Malden, MA
  Intellectual Disabilities
Labor & Employment Law (0)           Matt. Bender/Charlottesville, VA
Litigation Report: Welding Rods NL   Mealey Publ./King of Prussi, PA
Maternal & Child Nutrition           Blackwell Publ./Malden, MA
Mobile Enterprise Analyst NL         Baskerville Comm./Westborough, MA
Mobile Games Analyst NL              Baskerville Comm./Westborough, MA
Modern Uniforms                      Primedia/Overland Park, KS
North American Windpower             Zackin Publ./Waterbury, CT
Oil & Gas Financial Journal          PennWell/Tulsa, OK
Programmer's Bookshelf (0)           CMP Media/Manhasset, NY
R&D Efficiency                       IEE/Edison, NJ
Revenue                              Montgomery Research/San Fran., CA
Row Crop Journal                     Heartland Comm./Fort Dodge, IA
Search Engine Marketing (0)          Courtenay Comm./New York
Significance                         Blackwell Publ./Malden, MA
Small Firm Business                  American Lawyer Media/New York
Smart Meetings                       Bright Bus. Media/Sausalito, CA
Spill Reporting Procedures (0)       BNA/Washington, D.C.
Systems Biology                      IEE/Edison, NJ
Tablets & Capsules                   CSC Publishing/St. Paul, MN
Tax Planning Int'l EU Focus          BNA Int./London
TechConnect                          Arizona Tech. Council/Tempe, AZ
Technical Textile Technology         Int. Media Group/Charlotte, NC
VerdictSearch Products Liability NL  VerdictSearch/Manhasset, NY
Wide Open Magazine                   Red Hat/Raleigh, NC
Wireless Communications & Network'g  Hindawi Publ./Sylvania, OH
Worldview on Evidence-Based Nursing  Blackwell Publ./Malden, MA
Yield                                Doane Ag Media/St. Louis, MO

Title                                Category/Freq.

Advances in Difference Equations     mathematics 4x
Applied Math. Research eXpress       mathematics 8x
Benefits Selling                     insurance 12x
Boating Industry Canada              boats 6x (0)                    business
BYTE Middle East                     computers 12x
Channel Zone (O)                     info. tech. Network (0)               adv./mrktg.
Construction Defects Insurance NL    legal 12x
Contingent Workforce Strategies      employment 8x
Corporate Compliance Advisor         business 12x
CRN Middle East                      computers 12x
Cutting Edge Report NL               legal 24x
Digital Content Delivery Report NL   new media 26x
Digital Investigation                forensics 4x
Disability Litigation Reporter NL    legal 12x
Electronics Supply & Manufacturing   elec. 12x
Expert & Scientific Evidence         legal 12x
  Litigation Reporter NL
Female Entrepreneur New York         business 6x
Female Entrepreneur Texas            business 6x
Fixed Point Thoery & Applications    mathematics 4x
Furnaces International               metals 6x
GC Mid-Atlantic                      legal 4x
Healthcare Disparities Report NL     healthcare 12x
Hotspot Markets NL                   telecom 12x
Information Storage & Security       computers 12x
Int'l J. of Science & Math. Educ.    education 4x
Int'l Math. Research Surveys         mathematics 4x
Int'l Wound Journal                  medical 4x
Investment Lawyer NL                 legal 12x
Iraq Reconstruction Report NL        business 26x
IT Solutions Guide                   computers 4x
J. of Academic Ethics                education 4x
J. of Empirical Legal Studies        legal 4x
J. of Policy & Practice in           medical 4x
  Intellectual Disabilities
Labor & Employment Law (0)           legal
Litigation Report: Welding Rods NL   legal 12x
Maternal & Child Nutrition           medical 4x
Mobile Enterprise Analyst NL         telecom 12x
Mobile Games Analyst NL              telecom 23x
Modern Uniforms                      clothing 6x
North American Windpower             energy 12x
Oil & Gas Financial Journal          energy 4x
Programmer's Bookshelf (0)           computers 24x
R&D Efficiency                       sci., r&d 12x
Revenue                              business 6x
Row Crop Journal                     agriculture 7x
Search Engine Marketing (0)          adv/mrktg 52x
Significance                         statistics 4x
Small Firm Business                  legal 4x
Smart Meetings                       travel 12x
Spill Reporting Procedures (0)       business
Systems Biology                      biology 4x
Tablets & Capsules                   pharm. 6x
Tax Planning Int'l EU Focus          financial lOx
TechConnect                          hi-tech 4x
Technical Textile Technology         textiles 4x
VerdictSearch Products Liability NL  legal 12x
Wide Open Magazine                   computers 6x
Wireless Communications & Network'g  telecom 4x
Worldview on Evidence-Based Nursing  nursing 4x
Yield                                agriculture 4x

All titles are magazines or journals
unless otherwise noted. NL-newsletter; O-online
COPYRIGHT 2004 JK Publishing, Inc
No portion of this article can be reproduced without the express written permission from the copyright holder.
Copyright 2004, Gale Group. All rights reserved. Gale Group is a Thomson Corporation Company.

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Date:May 17, 2004
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