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Selected trade and professional publication and online services, start-up or announced, third quarter 2003.


Title                        Publisher/City              Category/Freq.

Bank Fraud & IT Security     A.S. Pratt & Sons/          security 12x
Alert NL                     New York

Biofilms                     Cambridge Univ. Press/      r&d 4x
                             Camb., UK

Body Image                   Elsevier Science/New York   healthcare 4x

Bulletin of Earthquake       Kluwer Academic/New York    engineering 4x

Continuing Ed. in            W.B. Saunders/Phil., PA     medical 4x
Radiologic Tech'y

Corporate Accountability     Strafford Publ./Atlanta,    financial 24x
Alert NL                     GA

Counsel to Counsel           Martindael-Hubbell/         legal 6x
                             New Prov., NJ

Courts Today                 Crim. Justice Media/        legal 6x
                             Levittown, NY

Digital Content              CMP Media/Manhasset, NY     high tech 10x

Digital Magazine News (O) York          publishing 6x

Ditigal Photo Pro            Wenner Publ./Los Angeles,   photography 6x

Energy Legislation Wire      BNA/Wash., D.C.             energy

Enterprise Architect         Fawcette Tech./Palo Alto,   info. tech 24x
Insight (O)                  CA

Entertainment Law            Frank Cass Publ./London     legal 4x

Federal Employment Law       M. Lee Smith Pub./          legal 12x
Insider NL                   Nashville, TN

Fire Code Inspection Law     Quinlan Publ./Boston, MA    safety 12x
Bull. NL

FocusEurope                  Amer. Lawyer Media/         legal 4x
                             New York

Gas Week East NL             Io Energy/Arlington, VA     energy 52x

Geobiology                   Blackwell Publ./Malden,     r&d 4x

Graphic & Design Business    North American Publ./       graphics 4x
                             Phil., PA

Healthcare Enterprise        CMP Media/Manhasset, NY     healthcare 4x

Int. J. of Applied Ceramic   ACS/Westerville, OH         materials 4x

Int. J. of Dental Hygiene    Blackwell Publ./Malden,     dental 4x

In the Loop (O)              Gale/Farmington Hills, MI   library 26x

JBI Reports                  Blackwell Publ./Malden,     healthcare 6x

J. of Competitive            SCIP/Alexandria, VA         business 4x

J. of Empirical Legal        Blackwell Publ./Malden,     legal 4x
Studies                      MA

LinuxWorld                   Sys-Con Media/Montvale,     computers 12x

Litigation Report:           Mealey Publ./King of        legal 12x
Discovery NL                 Prussia, PA

M2M                          Specialty Publ./Carol       telecom 4x
                             Stream, IL

Madison + Vine (O)           Ad Age Group/New York       adv./mrktg 52x

MediaWare                    IRMA/Princeton, NJ          media 6x

Mobile Business Advisor      Advisor Media/San Diego,    telecom 12x

Monthly Law Summaries NL     AELE/Park Ridge, IL         legal 12x

MX Developer's Journal       Sys-Con Media/Montvale,     computers 12x

Nanobiotech News NL          Nat'l Health Info./         biotech 52x
                             Atlanta, GA

Nursing Home Economics       Multimedia/Healthcare       healthcare 4x
                             Freedom/Plainsboro, NJ

Packaging Machinery          PMMI/Arlington, VA          packaging 5x

Performance Improvement      Nat'l Health Info./         healthcare 12x
Advisor NL                   Atlanta, GA

Plant Biotechnology          Blackwell Publ./Malden,     biology 6x

Professional Door Dealer     Virgo Publ./Phoenix, AZ     retail 6x

Public CIO                   e.Republic/Folsom, CA       government 4x

Research on Language &       Kluwer Academic/New York    r&d 4x

Salud! y Buen Provecho       Oxford Publ./Oxford, MS     restaurants 4x

SEC/GAAP Watch (O)           RIA/New York                financial

SecuritiesConnect (O)        Bowne & Co./New York        financial

Tax Planning Int. indirect   BNA International/London    taxes 12x

Tort Reform Update NL        Mealey Publ./King of        legal 12x
                             Prussia, PA

Xtreme Video                 CMP Media/Manahsset, NY     photography 6x

World Investment             BNA International/London    financial 12x
Regulation Review

Zebrafish                    Mary Ann Liebert/           r&d 6x
                             Larchmont, NY

All titles are magazines or journals unless otherwise
noted. NL-newsletter; O-online
COPYRIGHT 2003 JK Publishing, Inc
No portion of this article can be reproduced without the express written permission from the copyright holder.
Copyright 2003, Gale Group. All rights reserved. Gale Group is a Thomson Corporation Company.

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Comment:Selected trade and professional publication and online services, start-up or announced, third quarter 2003.
Publication:Business Publisher
Article Type:Illustration
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Date:Oct 31, 2003
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