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Selected notifiable disease reports.


Selected notifiable disease reports, United States, comparison of
provisional 4-week totals ending February 1, 2003, with historical data

Ratio (Log Scale) +

                                              CASES CURRENT
DISEASE                   DECREASE  INCREASE     4 WEEKS

Hepatitis A, Acute                                 226
Hepatitis B, Acute                                 255
Hepatitis C, Acute                                  39
Legionellosis                                       52
Measles, Total *                                     0
Meningococcal Infections                            58
Mumps                                                6
Pertussis                                          153
Rubella *                                            0

* No measles or rubella cases were reported for the current 4-week
period yielding a ratio for week 5 of zero (0).

+ Ratio of current 4-week total to mean of 154-week totals (from
previous, comparable, and subsequent 4-week periods for the past 5
years). The point where the hatched area begins is based on the mean and
two standard deviations of these 4-week totals.

Note: Table made from bar graph
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Publication:Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report
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Date:Feb 7, 2003
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