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Selected Canadian military export contracts or deliveries reported during 2005.

Selected Canadian military export contracts or deliveries
reported during 2005

Overseas contracts during 2005 (non-US)

                               Military product  Contract
Supplier         Location      or service        value      Recipient

Aktelux          Mississauga,  Hawk combat       Not        Malaysia
                 ON            aircraft engine   reported
                               upgrade **

Allen-Vanguard   Ottawa, ON    Bomb team         $4.3       Iraq
Corp.                          vehicles **       million

Atlantis         Brampton, ON  F/A-18 fighter    $8.6       Australia
Aerospace Corp.                aircraft          million
                               training systems

CAE Inc.         Montreal, QC  NH90 helicopter   $48        Germany
                               simulation        million
                               systems **

                               Eurofighter       $10        Austria
                               aircraft          million
                               systems **

Colt Canada      Kitchener,    Automatic         $1.4       Denmark
Corp.            ON            firearms          million
                                                 $1.2       Netherlands

Field Aviation   Mississauga,  Dash 8 Q300       $99.2      Sweden
Co. Ltd.         ON            maritime patrol   million

General          London, ON    Armoured          $17.8      Australia
Dynamics Land                  vehicles          million
Systems Canada
Corp.                                            Not        Saudi
                                                 reported   Arabia

Indal            Mississauga,  S-70 helicopter   Not        Singapore
Technologies     ON            landing system    reported
Ltd.                           assemblies **

LYRtech Inc.     Quebec City,  Digital signal    $0.2       South Korea
                 QC            processing        million
                               prototypes **

Offshore         North         Electronic        $1.2       Australia
Systems Ltd.     Vancouver,    warship           million
                 BC            navigation
                               systems **

Pratt & Whitney  Longueuil,    C-295 transport   $12        Algeria
Canada           QC            aircraft          million *
                               engines **

                               ATR 72 anti-      $20        Turkey
                               submarine         million *
                               warfare aircraft
                               engines **

                               AB-139 utility    $16        United Arab
                               helicopter        million *  Emirates
                               engines **

                               Z-10 combat       $10        China
                               helicopter        million *
                               engines **

                               Super Tucano      $25        Colombia
                               attack aircraft   million *
                               engines **

                               KT-1 trainer      $5         Indonesia
                               aircraft          million *
                               engines **

Raytheon Canada  Waterloo,     Coastal           $12        Netherlands
Ltd.             ON            surveillance      million
                               radar for

US contracts during 2005 (for US combat systems)

Supplier         Location      Military product  value      Recipient
                               or service

Bell Helicopter  Montreal,     Armed             $1 billion US Army
Textron          QC            reconnaissance
                               airframes **

Edgewater        Carp, ON      Military          $86.5      US Air
Computer                       standard          million    Force
Systems Inc.                   avionics systems

Elcan Optical    Midland, ON   CH-53E            $5.1       US Navy
Technologies                   helicopter night  million
                               vision kits **

General          Calgary, AB   Expeditionary     $1.3       US Navy
Dynamics Canada                Fighting Vehicle  million
                               development **

General                        Fifth brigade of  $358       US Army
Dynamics Land    London, ON    Stryker armoured  million
Systems Canada                 combat vehicles
                               RG-31 mine        $97
                               protected         million

                               Stryker vehicle   $94
                               parts, repairs    million
                               & logistics
                               support **

Heroux Inc       Longueuil,    Joint Strike      $5.8       US Air
                 QC            Fighter door      million    Force
                               systems and
                               combat air
                               system landing

Indal            Mississauga,  DDG-51 destroyer  $3         US Navy
Technologies     ON            helicopter        million *
Ltd.                           landing system

Northstar        Milton, ON    Apache            Not        US Army
Aerospace                      helicopter        reported
                               technology **

Raytheon Canada  Waterloo, ON  Work on           $28.2      US Navy
Ltd.                           Seasparrow        million
                               missiles &
                               containers **

SNC Tec          Le Gardeur,   Ammunition        $56.9      US Army
                 QC                              million

Ultra            Montreal, QC  Radios for        $15.5      US Army
Electronics                    Patriot missile   million
Tactical                       system

** Subcontract with corporate prime contractor

* Estimated contract value

Source: Canadian Military Industry Database,
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