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Sekulow Blasts Pelosi For Handing Out Pens During 'Celebratory Moment'.

Jay Sekulow, lead defense lawyer in the ongoing impeachment trial of president Donald Trump in the Senate, on Monday regurgitated an old smear Democrats were distastefully "celebratory" during the signing of the articles of impeachment against Trump on January 15, instead of treating the occasion as one of "solemnity."

The ( Fox News website next day ran a story following the signing with the title, "Pelosi hands out commemorative pens as House transmits Trump impeachment articles to Senate." In it, the news organization note how critics blasted House majority speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-CA, for handing out commemorative fountain pens to the seven impeachment managers after signing the resolution to transmit the articles of impeachment against Trump to the Senate.

It also said Pelosi needled Trump at the news conference announcing her impeachment managers, saying, "He's been impeached forever. They can never erase that."

To Trump supporters, the tone of the event "seemed celebratory -- a far cry from December, when Pelosi and other Democrats wore black and insisted on the House floor it was a 'solemn' day before the Democrat-controlled body voted to impeach Trump."

During the impeachment trial today, Sekulow, who is infamous for his combativeness against Liberals and his fealty to Trump, bizarrely spent part of his impeachment defense time, resurrecting the Fox News talking point against Pelosi. Never mind that Sekulow's client (Trump) also hands out commemorative pens during important events.

Three months into his presidency, or in March 2017, Trump handed out pens after signing the NASA transition authorization act that boosted the space agency's budget to $19.5 billion at the Oval Office in the White House. This was also a solemn event turned celebratory when Trump handed out the pens.

On Monday, however, Sekulow commented on the solemn nature of the impeachment trial in the Senate as mentioned by another member of the Trump defense team, Ken Starr. He oddly contrasted the "solemnity" in the Senate with "What took place in the House upon the signing of the articles of impeachment."

( Sekulow went on to say, "Pens. Distributed to the impeachment managers. A celebratory moment. Think about that. Think about this. A poignant moment."

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Author:Arthur Villasanta
Publication:International Business Times - US ed.
Date:Jan 28, 2020
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