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Seeking honesty in politics.

Back in April, I read an article in the Sunday Star Times (17th, D7) describing how both the Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC) fund and New Zealand Superannuation Fund have aced the markets once again. It seems the Government is keeping tight lipped on both these funds which, according to the article, performed above average yet again. "... amid all the hits ... the government's operating balance after gains and losses wos reported as $2.5 billion for the eight months to February--about $3.5 billion better than forecast ..."

The article went on to say that the super fund reported gains $2.29 billion above forecast, "while ACC and the Earthquake Commission also experienced gains ... of $788 million ... does not include interest and dividend income which would push ACC's numbers much higher, to perhaps double that amount ... ACC has overachieved for the last 15 years ... is on track to make it 16 years".

So, white we all cope with restraint and tightened health budgets, ar reduced health budgets, the Government does very well, thanks, with our money in ACC and NZ Super funds.

It's good to know our MPs can afford all those great (foreign-made) cars, which Prime Minister John Key initially decided he didn't know about ... until he remembered he had discussed it in Cabinet!

I also heard a very early morning news item on National Radio on April 19 which reported that Key's profit from his private investments for the year was $5 million. It didn't get a mention on the radio after 7am or in any printed or web news item I could find. I thought the media in New Zealand was a democratic free organisation.

It would be lovely to have honesty in politics. When that happens, our citizens will get the care and services they deserve.

I think I will "interview my employees"--our local MPs whose salary and benefits I help pay for via my taxes--before I cast my vote in November's election. I suggest we all do this, then vote for those whose "honesty" we believe.

Heather Symes, RN, Christchurch

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Author:Symes, Heather
Publication:Kai Tiaki: Nursing New Zealand
Article Type:Letter to the editor
Date:Aug 1, 2011
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