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Seeking History: Teaching With Primary Sources in Grades 4-9. (Professional Books).

SEEKING HISTORY: Teaching With Primary Sources in Grades 49. M. Edinger. Portsmouth, NH: Heinemann, 2000. 162 pp. $22.50. Edinger shares her joy in helping students discover learning through primary sources with a text rich in teacher techniques, ideas, and scenarios. Readers take an inviting tour through Edinger's world as a classroom teacher as she relates her methods for stimulating students to learn about, and appreciate, historical events. In particular, Edinger encourages students to create their own primary sources and provides an avenue for making them personally relevant.

The author takes great pains to define "primary source" and then divides primary sources into five basic categories, each supported by descriptive examples. Edinger also illustrates how teachers can use their immediate environment as a primary source to create effective and meaningful learning experiences.

The last three chapters of the book describe strategies that support curriculum concepts, whether it be understanding the Constitution or why people immigrate. Edinger's suggested strategies include using Web sites, poetry, literature, biographies, historical fiction and nonfiction, and letter writing.

To assist readers in understanding and implementing the use of primary sources in the classroom, the book includes a CD-ROM and provides answers to common questions. I highly recommend this delightful text. You will be motivated to plunge enthusiastically into your learning environment, armed with strategies to enrich your students' lives by making them aware of the numerous primary sources waiting to be explored. Reviewed by Camille Hodges, 6th-grade teacher, Fairfax Station, VA
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Author:Hodges, Camille
Publication:Childhood Education
Article Type:Book Review
Date:Dec 22, 2001
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