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Seeing the ordinary as extraordinary: creativity is the ability to see the ordinary as extraordinary.

Seeing the ordinary as extraordinary is something we have all done. We've all had those moments when we've looked at a landscape, a person, or an idea and for an instant or longer we've felt its true uniqueness. At the core of it, that's what creativity really is ... just falling in love with life and the world.

When we're in love with something, it is really extraordinary. We find its uniqueness, feel its potential, and celebrate its excellence. We take care of it, treating it with respect and compassion. When we're in love we find ourselves in touch with a source of incredible energy ... call it passion.

The essence of creativity then is not a technique but an attitude; an attitude of curiosity, discovery, openness, celebration and contribution to life.

How does this apply to photography? To find an extraordinary photograph, you need the correct lens on your camera to view your subject from the right perspective and a passion for discovery and creativity.

The wrong perspective keeps us from capturing the extraordinary view. In correcting the perspective, we find the the real photograph.

This simple exercise illustrates an important truth: in photography there's more than one right answer. Believing this truth frees us to look for alternatives, knowing that many solutions await our discovery.
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Title Annotation:Perspective
Author:Jones, Dewitt
Date:Jan 1, 2003
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