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Seeing is believing.

I'm 77 years old, and my wife (who's 78) and I still shoot regularly at the local range, and I carry as well. As a young lad of about age 13, my father taught me to shoot, and one instruction I remember is "bring the gun to your eye, not the reverse." And yet I see each time I read "On Patrol," there is Dave Spaulding shooting sort of hunched over, evidently bringing his "eye to the gun." Have I really been doing it wrong lo these 60 some years?



The hunched-over position that you see in the pictures is me trying to get my eyes to a distance/position in which I can see my front sight. Aging has changed my eyes as it does for everybody, and as getting a clear front sight has become more difficult, I have adjusted my head position to compensate--something that's been brought to my attention by numerous instructors.

Bringing the gun to the eye is the way to go, so don't change--unless, of course, you can't see. Then you will have to "improvise, adapt and overcome."--Dave Spaulding

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Title Annotation:LETTERS
Date:Apr 1, 2011
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