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Seeing RED: POWER UP: Mega Mirror; Virgin fury at price cut.

A cut-price battle is looming in the High Street over Red Alert, the PC game tipped to be the Christmas best-seller.

Woolworth and Comet have promised to sell it for pounds 29.99 instead of the recommended pounds 44.99 when it is released next Wednesday.

Other stores are expected to follow suit, which has angered publishers Virgin Interactive.

Marketing boss Simon Jeffrey says: "We are not happy. It's like the Toy Story video being sold for pounds 2.99."

Red Alert is the eagerly awaited prequel to the blockbuster strategy war game Command & Conquer.

More than 180,000 copies are being shipped into Britain this week and it is expected to break all sales records for a PC game.

Adds Jeffrey: "This Christmas there are PC games, double A games and then the Command & Conquer franchise.

"Red Alert is in a different league."


Sonic 3D Flickey's Island (pounds 44.99, Mega Drive)

Sonic's return after two years is welcome: there are still many times more Mega Drive players in the UK than PlayStation owners.

And they are in for a treat this Christmas because the 3D programming is nothing less than awesome for a 16-bit console.

The blue hedgehog is in manic form once again - collecting rings and facing up to his evil enemy Dr Robotnik.

Sonic can now run in all directions - and he is joined by his old mates Tails and Knuckles in the game's later bonus rounds.


Have yourself a blast

Swiv 3D

(pounds 39.99 PC CD-ROM)

Here's an old blast-em-up that has been on everything from the Amiga to the SNES and proves that sheer gameplay wins over fiddly options.

All you do is create mayhem by shooting away at the enemy from your helicopter, gunship or four-wheel buggy. This classic scrolling shoot-em-up has 18 levels and four different landscapes in which to wreak havoc.

There are power-ups and health points to collect - but the game's most staggering feature is the 30 weapons you can gather from cruise missiles to napalm.


To get lots of money, all the weapons, and to choose any mission in Syndicate on the PC, enter your name as TO THE TOP. (Stuart Harper, Gawcott).

The passwords for Burai Fighter Deluxe on the Game Boy are: Level 2. HGKM; 3. CPFG; 4. JJCM; 5. DKLF. (Barry Gowland, Purley, Surrey).

Send tips & cheats on a postcard to: Power Up, Daily Mirror, MGN Ltd., 1 Canada Square, London E14 5AP.

OFFERED: Day Of The Tentacle; Sim City (PC CD-ROM). WANTED: Any games considered (PC CD-ROM). O. Deadman, Gravesend. Tel: 01474 324899.

OFFERED: Strider (Mega Drive). WANTED: Lawnmower Man or Zero Tolerance (Mega Drive). P. Lewis, Willenhall. Tel: 01902 418435.

send postcard to Swap Shop, Power Up, Daily Mirror, 1 Canada Square, London E14 5AP with name, age, address, phone no., games and format. If under 18 parent must sign. We take NO responsibility for swaps that go wrong. Do not send games to the Mirror.

HIPPY music fans can hear Tangerine Dream broadcasting live across the Internet tonight at 8.30pm by pointing their web browser at webcast/tangerinedream.


Duck City

goodie bags to

be won

You'll go quackers over Duck City and I've got 10 fabulous rucksacks full of goodies to give away.

The pounds 14.99 game from BMG, which works on a PC or Mac, is ideal for children as young as four and is fast becoming a cult among adults.

It features six individual Duck games including SlamDuck, the world's first duck basketball game, and SnipSnip, where you create wild haircuts.

It also features screen savers, board games and cartoons.

Our prize rucksacks contain the game, a mug, T-shirt and baseball cap.

To stand a chance of winning one, all you have to do is tell me the name of the duck made famous by Walt Disney. Is it a) Ronald b) Donald c) Mickey?

Put your answer on a postcard together with your name and address and send it to: Duck Comp., Power Up, Daily Mirror, 1 Bartlett Court, London, EC88 1TH.
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Title Annotation:Features
Author:Hancock, David
Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Nov 30, 1996
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