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Seeds of doubt for 300 farmers.

NO one knows what damage may be caused by the contaminated seeds, which have been planted at up to 300 Scottish farms.

One per cent of the batch, imported from Canada, is herbicide tolerant after being contaminated with the weed-controllers Roundup and Liberty Link.

The cross-contamination came from an unknown source and no tests have been carried out to discover what effects these GM seeds are likely to have on humans or the environment.

Friends of the Earth said: "Oil seed rape is grown for oil for food processing and that's a major worry because once it's harvested it ends up in the food chain.

"The oil seed plant is very good at cross-pollinating and that means this contaminated crop is passing on its herbicide tolerance to other crops nearby.

"There are major unknown consequences to this. We don't know about the effects and neither do the Government because they haven't done the research."

An FoE spokesman said: "Effectively we are running a long-term experiment on our environment and the people who live in it."
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Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:May 20, 2000
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