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Seeds for spring: this could be your last chance before springtime to exchange seeds with fellow Mother swappers.

Jim Kozik P.O. Box 72 Climax Springs, MO 65324

Wants: holly, morning glory bushes, yew bushes, blue-berries, tame blackberries

Has: Eastern redbud, marigold, lilac bush

Esther Barghaus Rte. 4, Box 17 Morton, Ms 39117

Wants: varieties of ferns, skull cap, wild orchard, ginkgo, bananas, silk tree, birds of paradise.

Has: nest egg gourd, cantaloupe, magnolia, cypress vine, figs, bee balm

Julie Tschirgi 3527 Dartmoor Lane Olney, MD 20832

Wants: Any seeds suitable for zone 6

Has: yellow peppers, green peppers, basil, peppermint

Jeanne M. Hansen 8410 Gerbera Avenue Seminole, FL 34647

Wants: white rain lilies (seeds and bulbs), sees of all kinds

Has: pink rain lilies (either seeds or bulbs), celasia (pink, fuchsia, yellow), portulaca (all colors), oriental vine string-beans

Nicole Kinion 6870 103rd Street, Apt 813 Jacksonville, FL 32210

Wants: herbs vegetables, and flowers

Has: mustard, dill, parsley, celery, green pepper, green bunching onions, tomato, marigold petite mix, mixed calendula, and pampas plume (mixed)

Lisa Richards Rte 1, Box 1229 Holladay, TN 38341

Wants: American ginseng, blue ginseng, lady slippers, orchids, flamingo flower, plumeria, bougainvilea, exotic and rare flowers and herbs, valerian, chapparal, gotukiola, gardenia, jasmine, skunk cabbage, pineapple guava, pawpaw, kiew, almond, indigo, fairy fingers, snakeroots, clamus cascara sagrada

Has: many types of flowers, herbs (culinary and medicinal), goldenseal, penny royal, ginko, papaya, psyllium jojoba, skullcap, ephreda, motherwort, St. Johnwort, figwort, mugwort, desert senna, pasion flower, juniper, flox glove, herehound, mints, bergamot, mullein, psyllium all heal, joe pye, smaet weed, yarrows, echnaceas, Indian tobacco, and culinaries.

Nancy Fairchild RR 2, Jasper Ontario, Canada KOGIGO

Wants: herbs (rare or common), perennial flowers, house plants

Has: coreopsis, bachelor's buttons, marigold

Jo Hals 12727 Danbrook Whittier, CA 90602

Wants: any flower seeds or unusual seeds

Has: evergreen ash tree (grows up to 60 feet)

Al Moran P.O. Box 1205 Walnut, CA 91788-1205

Wants: tomatillo, pole beans, winter squash

Has: multicolored Indian corn (SASE with two stamps)

Jim Johnson Southern Business Express P.O. Box 1010 Gautier, MS 39553

Wants: tropical house plants for a greenhouse

Has: papaya, tobacco, macademia nut

Rita Bellon 20400 Gentz Road Belleville, MI 48111-9610

Wants: indoor flower

Has: Indian corn, sunflower, castor bean, marigold, zinnia, four-o'clock

Craig Grodman Box 119 Celery avenue New Hampton, NY 10958

Wants: any vegetable (large quantity of seeds)

Has: flowers

Ken Larsen 110 Mayfair Oceanside, CA 92504

Wants: astragalus, chironja, creosote bush, bay tree, echinacea, Japanese Melon, edible flowers, pigeon pea, tree tomato, floradel tomato, wax gourd, velvet bean

Has: luffa sponge

W. MIles 4080 Laurel Grove Road Federalburg, MD 21632

Wants: pawpaw and any of hot pepper seed

Has: asparagus, four-o'clock (pink and white), papaya

Marlynn Marcks 26672 Elm Roseville, MI 48066-3570

Wants: cornfield beans, mizuna, sweet Sioux tomatoes, giant Belgium tomatoes, old-fashion, petunias (strongly scented), racambole

Has: gurney girl and orange pixie tomatoes, multiplier onion sets, small hot peppers, cantaloupes, blue oat grass, fesuca glauca, ribbon grass, malva alcea fastigata, and land cress

T. R. Bradford 674 Woodchuck Place Hayward, CA 94544

Wants: pimento peppr, banana, muskmelon, moon & star watermelon, tansy

Has: basil (Italian), lovage, borage, banana squash, big bell peppr, scarlet wonder bran, snow on the mountain

Maren G. Jennings P.O. Box 315 Kirbville, MO 65679

Wants: catnip, birdhouse gourd, onion chives, oregano, garlic, ginseng, mint, redbud. (Please include directions.)

Has: celosia forest fire, cut flower mixture annuals, Japanese wonderegg, garden huckleberry, sugar baby water-melon, white moonflower, snapdragon, forget-me-not, ranunculus, windflower, cerise Queen zinnia, cosmosm African double, crackerjack marigold, luffa, squash, pansy, strawberry, grape

E. Read P.O. Box 1283 Freeland, WA 98249

Wants: Gunnera manicata or Gunnera chilensis

Has: borage, nigella, scarlet, runner bean
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