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Seed bombs.

Objective: Children will create seed bombs for indoor or outdoor gardening. The seed bombs can be thrown, placed or planted in any urban space that needs greening.


- Clay

- Compost/soil

- Native seeds (flower, plant, fruit or vegetable)

- Water


You will need one tablespoon of seeds, three tablespoons of compost, five tablespoons of dry red clay, and two tablespoons of water.

- Mix the seeds well with the compost.

- Mix in the clay with the seed/compost mixture until completely blended together.

- Add water, a bit at a time, mixing with your hands continuously. You want to get the mixture to almost bread dough consistency (but not wet and sticky).

-Form the seed balls. You can make a big one or several small balls.

Your seed bombs are ready to deploy. You can throw, place or plant your bombs anywhere that has a small patch of unpaved ground, it can be in your backyard or indoors. Use your imagination and you will find an almost infinite number of possibilities!
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Publication:Kidsworld Magazine
Date:Mar 22, 2012
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