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Seed Planting.

See Planting

 It's your time now
 Your chance has come
 You hold it
 You have full control
 Planting the seed of peace

 The grounds are ready
 The river of love flows
 The river of joy too
 The season has come
 You have the tools

 You have a wider ground
 You have the children
 You have the youth
 the mothers,
 the fathers
 The whole world in your hands
 Planting the seed of peace

 Reach out for the fertile grounds
 For the souls are virgin
 Yearning for a seed
 A seed that would hold the grounds
 A seed that can sustain all conditions
 A seed that will have deeper roots
 Roots which will hold the whole world
 Planting starts with you


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Title Annotation:Poems
Author:Wanyama, Philomena
Publication:Women Magazine
Article Type:Poem
Date:Jul 1, 2003
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