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See-through containers from needlepoint canvas.

See-through containers from needlepoint canvas

Simple stitchery lets you form see-through gift boxes from inexpensive plastic needlepoint canvas. The boxes make durable containers for toys, toiletries, jewelry, sewing supplies, or sachets. If adults cut out the canvas shapes, even young children can safely stitch boxes together, using a ball-point yarn needle.

The translucent plastic screening is available by the yard or in packages of pre-cut circles or squares at needlecraft stores and some sewing or yarn shops. Buy #7 or, preferably, #10 plastic needlepoint canvas; it costs about $8 a square yard. You'll also need scrap paper or cardboard to make templates for cutting out box sections, a soft-leaded pencil, scissors, yarn in several colors, and a yarn needle.

Start by cutting out cardboard or paper templates, if necessary. Place the templates on the canvas, sligning straight edges with canvas grid where possible. Trace around them with a soft pencil, and cut along your markings. Trim protruding plastic stubs off rectangular shapes. Holding the appropriate edges of the canvas pieces together, satin-stitch them with yarn, as shown on page 114.

To make yarn borders more prominent, take deeper stitches, being sure to pass through each square along the border of the canvas.

When your box is done, you can needle-point designs on its sides and top, if you like. You may want to wrap your gift in tissue paper before enclosing it in the partially see-through box.

Photo: Formed from simple geometric cutouts, boxes can be toys as well as containers

Photo: It's quick work to cut plastic needlepoint canvas and stitch pieces together with yarn

Photo: Getaway car for bandit-like raccoon is made from pieces of needlepoint canvas, simple wooden wheels, dowel axles. To make car, but 1/2 yard of canvas or several individual canvas sheets. Cut out pieces as indicated. Join them with yarn, using satin (or whip) stitch. Start by outlining windows and headlights with diagonal or half-cross stitch. Then attach rear end, trunk, and front to top of car before stitching sides to top and bottom. Use 6 1/2-inch-long, 3/8-inch dowels for axles, 2-inch-diameter wheels (from a craft shop) for tires
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Date:Dec 1, 1984
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