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See sense, vote Dave.

OUTSIDERS who complained the contest for the Labour crown was dull spoke too soon.

This race will go to the wire, likely to end with the two Miliband brothers, David and Ed separated by the narrowest of margins when the result is announced a week tomorrow, September 25.

During the past few weeks we've been able to test the mettle of all five contenders: their policies, and personalities - good and bad.

Up to a point, leadership tussles are beauty contests yet the aim must be not to pick the person who is most liked, the MP who makes insiders feel most good about themselves, but the politician most likely to beat David Cameron and deliver a Labour Government.

In the past Labour has gone down the road of being a party of protest and the result was 18 years stranded in the political wilderness, losing three straight elections, with the people who depend on Labour - low paid and middle earners, parents with children and pensioners, exploited workers and staff in public services - left at the mercy of the Conservatives.

DECISIVENESS As the only national daily newspaper to support Labour in the May 2010 General Election, we speak as a critical friend. And we remain firmly of the opinion that David Miliband is the best man for the job, the contender who is most likely to defeat the Tories and their Liberal Democrat patsies.

David Miliband's has the experience, intellect, instincts and - crucially - the decisiveness to lead from the front. Labour cannot afford a ditherer.

We don't dispute that Ed Miliband is able to rouse a crowd and represents change, a freshface to a jaundiced public. He has a stellar future. But Ed lacks David's toughness.

And if running the best campaign was the clincher, the new leader would be Ed Balls who has emerged from Gordon Brown's shadow to establish himself as a force.

So we urge MPs, Labour Party members and those in affiliated trade unions and socialist societies to cast their votes, online or by post, for David Miliband before the ballot closes next Wednesday. Supporters of Ed Balls, Andy Burnham and Diane Abbott should consider giving second preferences to David Miliband. The head must rule the heart.

It might appear cool to vote for Ed Miliband but the sensible choice is David Miliband.
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Title Annotation:Editorial; Opinion, Leading articles
Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Sep 17, 2010
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