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See foals in the sea shoals.

Too many sea horses have been corralled. In some parts of the world they are used for food or medicine. Experts worry their numbers are dropping.


Sea horses live in shoals (shallow waters), and they don't sting or bite, so they are easy to catch as they go about their business of catching and eating thousands of tiny, tiny shrimp.

Sea horse farms may help to solve the problem.

Fishermen donate sea horses that are ready to have babies.

Sea horses are very unusual. The males carry the eggs until the babies, as many as 200, are ready to be born.

At the sea horse farm, the sea horses stay in netted enclosures with holes so small the sea horses can't get out. But when the babies are born, they are small enough to swim through the holes and get away.

Illustrated by James Rhinehelder

Facts at Your Fingertips

Cut out the square on page 9 and follow these directions to get your hands on some great sea horse information.

1. Turn the paper over and fold each corner toward the middle.


2. Turn the paper over again and fold each corner into the middle.


3. Fold the square in half with the sea horse pictures inside. Place your thumbs and forefingers under each flap.

4. Try opening and closing the paper by moving your fingers and thumbs.

5. Pick a number. Open and close the folded paper that many times.


6. Read the question. Look under the same flap to get the answer.


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