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See The Best 'SNL' Sketches From Last Night.

The sequel isn't supposed to be as good as the original, but that doesn't seem to be the case for John Mulaney's time hosting "Saturday Night Live." The comedian's second hosting stint on March 2 was hilarious. Check out the best "SNL" skits from last night:

Monologue - Mulaney started off "SNL" strong with his stand up routine. He discusses being mocked, how his parents wanted his wife to convert to Catholicism, the bizarre warnings in taxis and watching Turner Classic Movies as a kid (because he was "not an athletic child").

Toilet Death Ejector - In this "Saturday Night Live" sketch, Mulaney is an infomercial salesman promoting a product that people can install on their toilet. When they're about to die, the toilet will launch them off into their beds and drop a book on them. "I'll tell you what's complicated: explaining to the grandkids that Nana died while taking a giant dump," Mulaney explains. "No matter what the cause of death is, they're going to assume it was the size of the dump that killed her."

Bodega Bathroom - In a follow up to last year's ( Diner Lobster skit, Pete Davidson and Chris Redd are in a bodega when Davidson asks to use the bathroom. The bodega owner (Mulaney) pulls out the bathroom key (which is chained to a cement block), and the cat (Kenan Thompson) shows Davidson the bathroom while bursting into song. He is joined by cockroaches, a Virgin Mary candle, Oompa Loompas (who are actually just overgrown Sour Patch Kids) and a toilet, all of whom can sing.

Chad Horror Movie - Mulaney teamed up with friend Pete Davidson for this "SNL" skit. A twisted killer targets Davidson's unfazed Chad, but it's really hard to get Chad to care about literally anything.

To Have And Have Not - Mulaney fits in perfectly as Humphrey Bogart while Kate McKinnon plays Lauren Bacall. However, the latter isn't as smooth as moviegoers might remember.

"SNL" returns to NBC next Saturday, March 9 with ( first-time host Idris Elba . Khalid will be the musical guest.

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