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Predicting Streamflow and Nutrient Loadings in a Semi-Arid Mediterranean Watershed with Ephemeral Streams Using the SWAT Model. Pulighe, Giuseppe; Bonati, Guido; Colangeli, Marco; Traverso, Lorenzo; Lupia, Flavio; Altobelli, Fil Jan 1, 2020 11509
Sediment Losses in Watersheds in the Western-Center Meso-Region Rio-grandense. Krolow, Ivan Renato Cardoso; Rheinheimer, Danilo Dos Santos; Pellegrini, Andre; Alvarez, Jimmy Walte Jan 1, 2019 6454
Abiotic Controls of Invasive Nonnative Fishes in the Little Colorado River, Arizona. Stone, Dennis M.; Young, Kirk L.; Mattes, William P.; Cantrell, Mark A. Report Jul 1, 2018 12549
Evolution Mechanism of Meandering River Downstream Gigantic Hydraulic Project I: Hydrodynamic Models and Verification. Liu, Linshuang; Zhu, Haiqing; Huang, Chengtao; Zheng, Li Jan 1, 2018 8309
Impact of an Extreme Typhoon Event on Subsequent Sediment Discharges and Rainfall-Driven Landslides in Affected Mountainous Regions of Taiwan. Hung, Ching; Lin, Guan-Wei; Kuo, Hsien-Li; Zhang, Jia-Ming; Chen, Chi-Wen; Chen, Hongey Jan 1, 2018 5368
Sampling strategies to estimate suspended sediment concentration for turbidimeter calibration/Estrategias de amostragem para estimar a concentracao de sedimentos em suspensao para a calibracao do turbidimetro. Dalbianco, Leandro; Ramon, Rafael; de Barros, Claudia A.P.; Minella, Jean P.G.; Merten, Gustavo H.; Dec 1, 2017 3479
Distribucion vertical de sedimentos en suspension en la zona de desembocadura del Rio Magdalena, Colombia. Higgins, Aldemar; Restrepo, Juan C.; Otero, Luis J.; Ortiz, Juan C.; Conde, Mario Sep 1, 2017 8451
Mean velocity and suspended sediment concentration profile model of turbulent shear flow with probability density function. Wu, Guanglin; Zhu, Liangsheng; Li, Fangcheng Report Sep 1, 2017 2985
Quantification and Analysis of Suspended Sediments Concentration Using Mobile and Static Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler Instruments. Dwinovantyo, Angga; Manik, Henry M.; Prartono, Tri; Susilohadi, Susilohadi Report Jan 1, 2017 6680
Vertical Distribution of Suspended Sediment under Steady Flow: Existing Theories and Fractional Derivative Model. Nie, Shiqian; Sun, HongGuang; Zhang, Yong; Chen, Dong; Chen, Wen; Chen, Li; Schaefer, Sydney Report Jan 1, 2017 5085
Eksperimental research on removing suspended solids and ammonium ions from sludge liquor/Skendinciuju medziagu ir amonio jonu salinimo is dumblo vandens eksperimentiniai tyrimai. Grazinskas, Kasparas; Mazeikiene, Ausra; Valentukeviciene, Marina Report Aug 1, 2014 2488
Experimental and numerical investigations of baffle effect on the removal efficiency of sedimentation basin. Heydari, Mohammad Mehdi; Rahbani, Maryam; Jamal, Sayed Mohammad Mehdi Report Jun 1, 2014 4220
Use of MODIS images to monitor the sediment inflow into the Tres Marias reservoir/Uso de imagens MODIS no monitoramento do fluxo de sedimentos no reservatorio de Tres Marias. Pinto, Carlos E.T.; Menezes, Paulo H.B.J.; Martinez, Jean-Michel; Roig, Henrique L.; Villar, Raul A. May 1, 2014 4833
Pollution load management to improve water quality of Sungai Pusu. Zainudin, Zaki; Said, Noorwahidah Syaira Mohd; Saedi, Mohammed; Salleh, Noor Report Mar 1, 2014 1558
Anomalous river drain in the basin of Volga river. Safina, Guzel Rashitovna Report Feb 14, 2014 1558
Elemental spatiotemporal variations of total suspended particles in Jeddah City. Kadi, Mohammad W. Report Jan 1, 2014 3357
Element geochemical analysis of the contribution of aeolian sand to suspended sediment in desert stream flash floods. Jia, Xiaopeng; Wang, Haibing Report Jan 1, 2014 5660
A coupled model of the 1D river network and 3D estuary based on hydrodynamics and suspended sediment simulation. Zhang, Wei; Lyu, Shujie; Zhu, Yuliang; Chen, Xiaowen Report Jan 1, 2014 7788
Estimating turbidity and total suspended solids to measure sediment load in Kelantan river. Khan, Mohammad Muqtada Ali; Ashikin Shaari, Nor; Achmad Bahar, Arham Muchtar; Ahmed, Izrar Report Dec 1, 2013 2283
Experimental study of baffle angle effect on the removal efficiency of sedimentation basin. Heydari, Mohammad Mehdi; Shafai-Bajestan, Mahmood; Kashkuli, Heydar Ali; Sedghi, Hossein Report Sep 1, 2013 4563
Coagulation-Flocculation Studies of Laboratory Wastewater using Different Combinations. Butt, Muhammad Tahir; Khokar, Arshad; Iqbal, Khalid; Khan, Rauf Ahmad Report Jun 30, 2013 2525
Observations on the bloom-forming jellyfish Crambionella stuhlmanni (Chun, 1896) in the St Lucia Estuary, South Africa. Perissinotto, R.; Taylor, R.H.; Carrasco, N.K.; Fox, C. Report Jun 1, 2013 3670
The analysis of septic tank performance in regard to suspended solids and organic matter removal/Septiko veikimo salinant skendinciasias ir organines medziagas analize. Kirjanova, Ala; Rimeika, Mindaugas; Dauknys, Regimantas Report Nov 1, 2011 2998
Modeling of sediment estimation in Karaj River(Iran). Heidarnejad, Mohammad Report Jul 1, 2011 2462
Hillslope runoff and erosion on duplex soils in grazing lands in semi-arid central Queensland. I. Influences of cover, slope, and soil. Silburn, D.M.; Carroll, C.; Ciesiolka, C.A.A.; deVoil, R.C.; Burger, P. Report Mar 1, 2011 9751
Hillslope runoff and erosion on duplex soils in grazing lands in semi-arid central Queensland. II. simple models for suspended and bedload sediment. Silburn, D.M. Report Mar 1, 2011 6912
Catchment monitoring to trac suspended sediment sources/Monitoramento de bacias hidrograficas para identificar fontes de sedimentos em suspensao. Minella, Jean Paolo Gomes; Merten, Gustavo Henrique Mar 1, 2011 5797
Runoff, soil loss, and nutrient transport from cropping systems on Red Ferrosols in tropical northern Australia. Cogle, A.L.; Keating, M.A.; Langford, P.A.; Gunton, J.; Webb, I.S. Feb 1, 2011 7521
Do aggregation, treading, and dung deposition affect phosphorus and suspended sediment losses in surface runoff? Cournane, Fiona Curran; McDowell, Richard W.; Condron, Leo M. Report Dec 1, 2010 5737
A model of the vertical distribution of suspended sediment in the bottom layer of a natural water body/Looduslikes veekogudes suspenseerunud setete vertikaalse jaotuse mudel. Heinloo, Jaak; Toompuu, Aleksander Report Sep 1, 2010 3528
Impacts of suspended sediments on fertilization, embryonic development, and early larval life stages of the Pacific herring, Clupea pallasi. Griffin, Frederick J.; Smith, Edmund H.; Vines, Carol A.; Cherr, Gary N. Report Apr 1, 2009 9303
Climate change, sea-level rise and the case for salt marsh restoration in the Bay of Fundy, Canada. Singh, Keith; Walters, Bradley B.; Ollerhead, Jeff Nov 1, 2007 6160
Spatial and temporal variations of suspended sediment responses from the subtropical Richmond River catchment, NSW, Australia. Hossain, Shahadat; Eyre, Bradley; McConchie, David Statistical Data Included May 1, 2002 5320
Temporal and Spatial Variations in Turbidity and Total Suspended Solids in the Waccamaw River, Horry County, South Carolina. Purvis, Katie; Short, Nicole; Bennett, Joe; Libes, Susan Brief Article Jan 1, 2001 199
Marine snow and fecal pellets: the spring rain of food to the abyss. Honjo, Sus Sep 22, 1997 860
Monsoon winds and carbon cycles in the Arabian Sea. Honjo, Susumu; Weller, Robert A. Sep 22, 1997 2310
A new way to catch the rain. Valdes, James R.; Buesseler, Ken O.; Price, James F. Sep 22, 1997 1425
Extreme trapping. Honjo, Susumu Sep 22, 1997 446
The effects of coupling between the oxic and anoxic layers of sediment on nutrient release to overlying water. Monaghan, Eileen; Giblin, Anne E. Oct 1, 1994 566
Advanced primary treatment: a positive alternative for new York's Owls Head Plant. Chack, John J.; Rubino, Vincent; Florentino, Richard; Krasnoff, Paul J.; Liubicich, James Sep 1, 1994 2818
The effect of CRP enrollment on sediment loads in two southern Illinois streams. Davie, D. Kevin; Lant, Christopher L. Jul 1, 1994 3478

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